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Hot Takes from Harvest 2022


No time of year can quite compare to harvest. It is a season filled with anticipation, excitement and, of course, some stress. Across the Corn Belt, growers are heading into their fields to reap the rewards of the year. As growers start up the combines, here is an update on what we are hearing and seeing in the field.


Farmers around central Iowa are about seven days into harvest, so we will have a lot more feedback coming in within the next month. Mason Claude, BW Fusion Research Lead, says growers have been hopeful and surprised by their corn and soybeans.

Growers Mason have spoken with are happy with the yields they have been seeing from their fields, despite the drought the area has been experiencing. Their yields are coming in towards the lower end of their average, but they haven’t creeped below average, which many growers were expecting to increase their morale this season.

There have been many inconsistencies across acres for these farmers. Rainfall throughout the season has impacted what they are seeing now at harvest.

In far northern Iowa, they were able to catch more of the rainfall this summer and received the rain when it was needed. Many received moisture right before tassel which has helped their corn thrive. They seem to have higher yields and test weight, however, they too see some inconsistencies with larger than normal increases and drops in yield.

Cody Wells, BW Fusion Sales Manager in northwest Iowa, is seeing a variety of yields coming off of growers' fields. It seems to be very spotty and inconsistent. In the northwest region of Iowa, harvest is around 7-10 days underway. Cody is excited and interested in seeing data on the PowerUp Seed Treatment on soybeans once they are harvested.

"Growers are also reporting positive returns when using the new Full Sun product line, with increasing yields and high test weights," Cody added. Many who invested in their soybeans with BW Fusion products this growing season have been seeing the value and increased yield to cover those additional costs.

Illinois + Indiana

In the Illinois and Indiana region, follks started harvesting as early as Labor Day.

“We did have a late planting season, so it seems as though both corn and soybeans are slow to mature,” Sean Nettleton, BW Fusion Agronomist in southeast Illinois, says. “Although this can be a hurry-up and wait game, I think there is a benefit to the later maturity as both seem to help with increased test weight. We measure fields by yield, but get paid by weight. These later maturities should help some growers in profit.”

In Southeastern Illinois, 2021’s harvest brought a lot of record-breaking crops. Considering that, although the crop so far is good, it isn’t as good as last year's, so growers have had some guarded disappointment.

Weather conditions have also been a mixed bag. This region did not receive any rain in May and June but ended up with 12 inches in the last week of July and into August. Even with the early stress these crops were under, the resiliency that we are seeing now during harvest is impressive.

Sean is also seeing a lot of inconsistencies in fields based on the swings in rainfall and disease pressure. In some late-season crop scouting, growers that focused on late-season plant health are seeing a positive return on their investment. SoyWorx and Full Sun are two products of conversation from satisfied farmers in the last few weeks.

Kentucky + Tennessee

Kentucky and Tennessee growers unfortunately were hit by heavy drought this year and have seen the impact of that on their crops. While poor yields were expected following the growing season, the reality of harvest continues to be disappointing.


Austin Greve, a south central Kansas grower, has been so impressed with the Environoc Seed Treatment on his dryland corn that he already has plans to implement the same product on his winter wheat.

“The year has been brutal with dry weather and heat, so I’m not sure what we’ll be able to see on trials,” Austin says. “Time will tell.”

Overall, it seems there will be a mix of emotion across the Corn Belt as we step into harvest. Some are impressed and happy with their yields, while others are disappointed with the impact drought has had on their crops. Look for more updates from these locations as we continue through harvest.

Have questions or want further insight in what we are seeing? Feel free to give us a call.