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Agronomy 365 app mockup


Your specific goals are unique to you. It may be to push through yield barriers, improve soil health, test new products, have a larger role in nutrient decision-making, or simply do better than the year before.

You probably have years worth of field data, but don't know what to do with it.

You want to feel more in control of your crop input decisions.

You want to know that the crop management decisions you are making are working and not simply dollars wasted.

That's where Agronomy 365 comes in. We've designed a program that brings BW Fusion growers the tools to find their Agronomic "Aha" Moment.


Agronomy 365 is a comprehensive crop management program that combines the power of real-time tracking, data monitoring, and soil and tissue sampling with an accessible team of agronomic experts. This gives you a complete top-to-bottom view of your crop, and the knowledge to do something about it.

It's that light bulb moment when you connect plant response with a fertility change and you're in control.

We help connect what is going on in your fields to what you can do about it. We’re centered around you: your yield goals, your operation’s data, and your unique decisions.

This also means the crop nutrition products we recommend for your fields are validated in your data transparently. Input dollars are important, and we only want you to allocate yours where they are needed.