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Seed Treatment

PowerUp Seed Treatment

PowerUp Seed Treatment is a dynamic and robust nutrient package that solves some of the biggest challenges for farmers lacking in-furrow treatment capabilities. By employing PowerUp in the soil, growers manipulate early-cycle tissues for faster, more successful seed germination - prepping your crop cycle for optimal yield production. Our diverse blend of micronutrients is primarily used for corn and soybean production, but it’s suitable for almost any crop as needed. The unique coalition of zinc, manganese and organic acids enhances the formation of plant chlorophyll and carbohydrates while converting starches to sugars - building strength and resistance to withstand cold temperatures in the early months of crop cycles.

Soil-Specific Benefits:

  • Increase soil respiration and nitrogen assimilation
  • Desorb or solubilize fixed soil phosphorus for increased plant uptake

Seedling-Specific Benefits:

  • Enhance plant hormone production (auxins) for growth regulation and stem elongation
  • Enhance root pathogen resistance

PowerUp Seed Treatment is suitable for any crop, with significant benefits for corn and soybeans.


2.5 oz/corn unit

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