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Maximize your Corn Crop ROI. You've been waiting for this!

CornWORX is a powerful blend of nutrients and minerals, specially formulated to empower corn roots with the building blocks for optimal health. Delivering essential amino acids directly to plants helps create stronger root/microbe associations and solubilizes vital nourishment — giving your crops all they need to maximize success!

CORNWORX Benefits:

  • Increases root structure for a more vertical root with a thicker diameter
  • Trace nutrients support hormonal growth and early season sun capture
  • Enhances your crop's potential, ensuring that uniformity and emergence are maximized
  • Improves your efficiency and farm's profitability
  • Mitigates stress

Easy to use, with no need for additional additives. CornWORX is a true, complete starter designed for corn!


64 oz/acre


In-Furrow/As You Plant

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