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Welcome to the Future of Crop Nutrition

There's a reason why farmers across the country trust BW Fusion with their crops. We help growers eliminate the guesswork!

BW Fusion's crop nutrition programs are fact-based, powered by Agronomy 365. Our goal is to maximize your farm's profitability and efficiency by unlocking the natural ability of your plants and the soil. Stop guessing - start with BW Fusion

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The BW Difference

The People

The people at BW Fusion make its success a proud reality. It is family-owned and led by farmers, who back their company 100% self-invested in the future with no outside venture capital.

The Products

With a focus on nutrients, biology, and fertility we want our growers to fit into their ideal crop nutrition program. Our products are designed specifically for this purpose so each grower has the best experience possible.

The Proof

With Agronomy 365, we can see how our products help the soil and plants grow. In-season sampling provides comprehensive data to make sure each product is contributing positively for both plant nutrient levels as well as overall crop success.

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your Agronomic "Aha!" Moment

Track your fields' nutritional needs all season.
Connect your data with yield and business goals.
Validate your nutrient management strategies.
Become empowered to uncover agronomic answers.
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Meet the BW Fusion Agronomists
The People Behind The Science
Jason Schley

Meet Jason Schley. His in-field knowledge connects growers to understanding soil and plant analysis to better manage their field nutrition and validate the products they are using.

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Sean Nettleton

Backed with a wide swath of knowledge, Sean brings passion for all things crop and soil health. His multi-faceted background ensures growers are using and understanding the products that will perform.

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Mason Claude

As Agronomy Research Lead, Mason brings a fresh perspective and passion for understanding the “why” behind BW Fusion product performance in the field and sharing that with our team and growers.

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Devin Baker

Proving to growers they are more than a number to BW Fusion is important for Devin Baker. He enjoys working with area growers and discovering ways to empower them to optimize their fields’ fertility.

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BW Fusion Farm in Columbia City

Looking for a Product Expert?

Millions of acres are already receiving the benefits of BW Fusion's innovative crop nutrition. Maybe you've seen your neighbor benefiting from these products. Or maybe you want the leading edge among your peers. Connect with our team of agronomic professionals to request product details.

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The 2023 Farm Bill has already been in the works for months on Capitol Hill. This legislation is one of the most important conversations in food and agricultural policy.