What Is The

BW Fusion Difference?

BW Fusion is focused on bringing innovative Fertility, Nutritional, and New Technologies to the Agricultural Marketplace.

Combining best-in-class products along with BW 365 soil / tissue program, provides growers the tools and resources necessary to identify limiting factors and address them accordingly in real-time with results-focused interventions, to maximize yield potential and ROI.

BW Fusion focuses on the grower’s needs, and we aim to be a trusted resource and partner in the operational success of the farm’s business. Bringing years of agricultural experience in Biologicals, Nutritionals, Chemical and Agronomy, gives confidence that the BW Fusion team has the knowledge, expertise, and tools to provide value to our customers.


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Fall 2021 Incentive Programs

Meltdown, BW-Huma Prill, BW 1-3

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Contact Your BW Fusion Representitive or info@bw-fusion.com Or Program Coordinator, Heather Schachtner, Credit Manager: heather@wellsagsupply.com, 712-288-6210
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BW Fusion Product Catalog?

BW Fusion’s Mission is to be a long-term partner for success in soil health, sustainability, and producer prosperity. One way we do this is by offering the best agricultural products for you to get the most gain out of your yield.

We can offer you the best in class technologies including Micronutrients, Fertilizers, Biostimulants, Root Stimulates, Liquid Nutrients, Stabilizers and More. You can call us at 712-288-6210 if you do not see the agricultural product in which you are interested or you can fill out our contact us form by clicking here.


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How can I benefit from the

BW Fusion Difference?

What Is The

BW Fusion 365 Program?

An integrated program to help discover yield limiting factors on your farm, and to discover potential inputs you are wasting money on in your farm by testing two sample locations in each field for soil and tissue.

Tissue sampling isn’t a new concept today. Current tissue sample programs don’t tell you exact values needed to achieve a higher yield goal. Those tests only determine whether your nutrient availability is sufficient or deficient. Well sufficient for what yield? The results they give is the average of all their historical tissue data. We want to provide you with the tissue and soil level recommendations that you need to have to achieve your yield goals. Pairing the tissue samples with the soil samples shows what nutritional deficiencies are limiting yields, and how to correct these soil deficiencies to achieve the highest yields possible. This data will also help to cut spending on unnecessary input costs that aren’t positively contributing to your soil health and higher yield goals.