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Starting off the Season Right in Kansas


After years of frustration in hearing the same responses from agronomists and limited guidance or solutions, Austin Greve, an Anthony, Kansas grower, shared a 20-minute phone call with Bodie Kitchel which changed the trajectory of Austin’s farm for good.

Bodie, BW Fusion’s Lead Agronomist, was able to quickly isolate Austin’s primary issues and what was causing the most trouble in his fields. Austin decided to take the biological nutrition approach with one of his fields that year to test the Biodyne products he had heard much about. Since those first year results ( in what was a drought year), he has progressed to running full BW Fusion product lineups across all his acres.

Austin has now been using BW Fusion products on his corn, soybean and wheat fields for the past two years.

Austin Greve Twitter Tailgate

Since implementing this new fertility approach in his crop management strategy, Austin has seen decreases in input costs and application of synthetic fertilizers and has moved past the plateau of inconsistent yield results from typical commercial products and onto the continuous progress of biologicals working below the surface.

Spreading input costs throughout the growing season, rather than having all costs upfront at planting, also helps ease the burden and minimize losses in tough seasons. If faced with the unfortunate decision of having to abandon a field that just isn’t getting enough rainfall to have a successful crop or has been hit with other negative environmental factors, Austin would lose much less money on inputs, as the crop wouldn’t have received later-stage applications yet, as opposed to applying all products, and all input dollars, at the beginning of the growing season.

This spring, Austin has planted dryland corn treated with Environoc Seed Treatment and topped with an in-furrow mix of Environoc 401, BW-SeaAmino, BW-Humic Fulvic 12%, BW-RhizoActiv8, BW-BioZinc 9%, 10-34-0 and water. Being located in south central Kansas gave Austin a head start on planting, facing a severe lack of moisture in his region and missing out on the continuous rainfall disrupting and delaying planting in the upper portion of the Midwest.

As seen on Austin’s active Twitter presence, this in-furrow mix got his corn off to a great start, with tremendous progress at week one, week two and week three post-planting. Next up are soybeans, which will get their own in-furrow mix and will be treated with PiKSi Dust Plus.

While his corn and soybean plants are just getting started, Austin's winter wheat is currently in the final stages of the growing season, treated with Environoc Seed Treatment and BD-Biocast Plus. He also utilized BW Fusion products on his burndowns. Once the wheat hits the flag leaf stage, he will run BW-Advance and BW-Boron 7% on those acres. Follow Austin on Twitter for updates on the progress of each of his crops and to see what BW Fusion products he’s adding to his crop nutrition plan.