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A Salute to the Farmer [and the Farm Family]

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Farmers make up less than 1% of the population in the United States, according to the USDA. Yet, they feed, clothe and shelter the entire growing population. There are just over 2 million farmers in the United States. Of those farmers, only 175,000 farm more than 1,000 acres. If you look at that as a percentage of the U.S. population, that’s about 0.05%. In other words, 1 out of every 2,000 Americans farm 1,000 acres or more.

Yet, the United States has the safest, most affordable and abundant food supply in the world—thanks in large part to the American farmer. Not only do growers provide us with safe and secure food, but they provide a quality, varied food selection for humans and livestock. We, as Americans, are often unaware of the privilege we have in being able to make our own choices about the food we produce, buy and consume.

As farmers across the country are hard at work in their fields, reaping the seeds they have tended to all year to supply more grain for food, fuel and fiber for the world, we are offering a salute to our farmer customers.

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Farmers, thank you for continuing to measure your time not in hours, but acres; for running through the night to finish harvesting a field before the rain comes; and for working through 105 degrees heat to negative 35 degrees freezes to check on and care for livestock. Thank you for all the hats you wear on a daily basis to keep your farm moving forward.

Here’s to the farmer.

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But, many of us know, there is more than the farmer in the field that makes the farm successful. There is often a partner who is making meals, working an off-the-farm job to support cash flow, running kids to and from school and events, volunteering for fall festival activities and tucking kids into bed at night while their farmer is in the field. The memories made while delivering meals to the field, taking turns in the buddy seat and taking even more photos than usual to share with your farmer are memories that are treasured by all.

Here’s to the spouse that carries the weight of the world on their shoulders during the busy season to make sure everything is running smoothly while harvest continues.


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Finally, we can’t forget the next generation of farmers—the farm kids. They are the VIPs of the farm, especially during harvest. They often have to make sacrifices at a young age, as during some seasons, the farm needs to come first. But at the end of the day, they have the same passion and fire inside them as their parents do. They take pride in what their family can accomplish, and many already think about the day they will be the one in the driver's seat of the combine. From the kids trailing behind our own team of agronomists to those in fields across the country, these youth are the future of agriculture, and they show us daily that the future of our industry is bright.

Here’s to the next generation of agriculture.

On National Farmer’s Day, we want to salute everyone who is involved in the farm operation. We know the work growers put in, and how many people it takes to make a farm successful. We thank everyone for their dedication and sacrifices to American agriculture.

Here’s to you.

Happy National Farmer’s Day from the BW Fusion Team