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Top 5 Ag Podcasts to Listen to During Harvest


When it comes to harvest, growers spend countless hours in machinery, whether cutting crops in the combine, traveling alongside in the grain cart, transporting grain to the elevator in the semi or driving the farm truck to the field for repairs and dinner delivery. It can be challenging to find ways to fill the time in the cab, while staying alert and aware in the field and on the road. Enter: podcasts.

Education, events, entertainment. Podcasts combine (pun intended) all three in a way that makes time pass quickly and keeps your mind engaged throughout the long days and nights of harvest. Learn about the latest research and tech trends, catch up on the latest news and happenings in the ag industry and simply enjoy being part of the conversation with this rundown of the top five agricultural podcasts to listen to during harvest.



We may be a little biased toward this podcast, as we’ve sat down with hosts Tanner Winterhof, David Whitaker and Corey Hillebo a few times. However, we spend our time where it counts, and we proudly support the mission of Farm4Profit. As this crew says, “If you aren’t farming for profit, you won’t be farming for long.”

On the Farm4Profit podcast, you can expect independent and unbiased information related to increasing the profitability of your farming operation. The hosts provide farms and operators of all sizes and experience levels access to the latest trends, projections and tools necessary to increase farming profitability.

Here are a few episodes to get you started:

Agronomists Happy Hour


There’s no time like harvest (or maybe game day, too… how ‘bout them ISU Cyclones?!) to put you in the mood for happy hour. Kyle Okke and Jason Hanson are cracking a cold one for you and discussing “The $&!% You Need To Know” on the Agronomists Happy Hour podcast.

The two North Dakota agronomists talk all things agronomy, answering the top questions from growers and getting the inside scoop from industry leaders and experts. As you’re making your way across the field, you’ll feel like you’re pulling up a barstool with two ol’ pals with Agronomists Happy Hour.

Add these episodes to your queue:

Thriving Farmer


We’re always on a mission to make sure we - and our crops - aren’t just surviving, but thriving. Hosted by Michael Kilpatrick, The Thriving Farmer Podcast shares the latest tricks and strategies from successful farmers, in-depth interviews with leaders in the industry and stories of growers just like you. Michael prides himself on giving practical advice, asking the hard questions, teasing out the gold nuggets and sharing what it’s really like to build a truly profitable, sustainable farm.

Here’s where you can start:

Machinery Pete


If you want to change it up from all of the crop talk, switch to the machines that process them. Greg Peterson, a.k.a. Machinery Pete, shares stories and conversations from around the industry. On the Machinery Pete Podcast, you can expect insights, trends, farming news and used farm equipment values. Greg has been a trusted industry voice for over 30 years, and if you love talking shop, you’ll love his podcast.

Get started with these episodes:



If you’re an avid podcast-listener who’s looking for something new to listen to everyday, AgriTalk is the podcast for you. Chip Flory hosts this daily national conversation with a variety of guests discussing the latest issues impacting agriculture and rural America. You’ll hear about the latest events, news, innovations, policy and more across all sectors of the agriculture industry on AgriTalk.

Catch up on the latest episodes:

What’s your go-to entertainment in the cab? Let’s talk about how we can make your harvest even better (and not just with a podcast or two).