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BW Fusion Launches New Branding and Website


BW Fusion, the industry-leading crop nutrition company producing best-in-class education for growers, proudly announced the launch of a newly redesigned website. The new site showcases the company’s comprehensive look into the BW Difference – The People, The Products, and The Proof, along with helpful industry news and resources featured on their blog.

BW Fusion PR Header

BW Fusion is trusted by farmers across the US and is known for helping growers eliminate guesswork and produce results. The company’s crop nutrition programs are fact-based and powered by the industry-leading Agronomy 365 program, a comprehensive crop management tool that combines the power of tracking, data monitoring, and soil and tissue sampling with an accessible team of agronomic experts.

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“The mission of the BW Fusion is to educate growers with data-driven crop nutrition programs that maximize farm profitability,” said the company’s VP of Marketing, Josh Pawlak. “All of our programs are personalized and backed by extensive data and research, and part of our new website initiative is to showcase that proof.” The website was redesigned entirely aesthetically, too, using the company’s new refreshed iconography and colors revealed a few months ago. The site includes social integrations, is optimized for mobile use, and prioritizes getting customers the information they need in an easy, quickly accessible way.

The site highlights BW Fusion’s crop nutrition programs that fight crop stress events, encourage microbial population growth, and optimize soil conditions for various climates and environments. You can visit the new website at .

About BW Fusion:

BW Fusion is a family-owned company committed to educating farmers and helping them find success. They are "Leaders in the Field" and use the "BW Fusion Difference" to provide the best people, products, and proof in the agriculture industry. While the company operates out of Fort Wayne, IN, and Fonda, IA, its effects are used and trusted by farmers around the country. For more information, please visit