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BW-Boron 7%

BW-Boron 7% is a blend of boron and low-concentrate molybdenum, formulated to provide consistent crop growth under adverse soil conditions. BW-Boron 7% is essential to transporting sugars throughout plant systems and supports critical aspects of building strong cell walls, disease resistance, stem branching, nodulations in legume crops, flower development, and pollination. Boron is a known element that supports seed development in most crops, with most on-farm trials showing significant yield increases across growing cycles.

Soil-Specific Benefits:

  • Stabilize soil pH
  • Increase soil organic matter decomposition

Crop-Specific Benefits:

  • Enhance plant cell formation, stem branching, flower development, and pollination
  • Enhance disease resistance
  • Increase crop yields

BW-Boron 7% increases the number of crop nodes when applied before vegetative cycle 5 (V5) in soybean production.


16-128 oz/acre


Broadcast / 2x2 / Side-Dress / Y-Drop / Foliar


Pre-Plant / Post-Emergence

What Are The Agronomists Saying?

Boron is essential for the transportation of sugars. When applied before V5, this product will increase plant nodes in soybeans. BW-Boron 7% can be used across all soil types.
Devin Baker
Devin Baker
Agronomic Service Representative
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