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BW-Biocast Plus

Discover the ultimate solution for growers with BW-Biocast Plus, a powerhouse blend that seamlessly merges the unparalleled biological prowess of Environoc 401 and Meltdown. Enriched with organic acid complexes and plant protein hydrolysates, this innovative formula stimulates growth and efficiently breaks down residues from the previous season's crops.

Meltdown's dynamic team of microbes, voraciously targeting complex carbons, transforms previously unavailable carbon into a readily consumable food source for plants. This synergizes with Environoc 401's microbial consortium, ensuring prolonged nutrient solubility for optimal uptake and a thriving and robust crop yield. Elevate your agricultural practices with BW-Biocast Plus, where the fusion of cutting-edge technologies delivers the best of both worlds to growers.

Soil-Specific Benefits:

  • Improve soil organic matter decomposition by breaking down complex carbons
  • Enhance soil nutrient solubility

Crop-Specific Benefits:

  • Increase nutrient uptake
  • Optimize yields and overall harvest quality

BW-Biocast Plus is suitable for any crop and pairs perfectly with the rest of the BW Fusion product lineup.


32 oz/acre




Pre-Plant / Post-Emergence

What Are The Agronomists Saying?

BD-Biocast Plus is another way to add the Environoc 401 microbe team to your field if in-furrow or Environoc Seed Treatment is not a logistical option.
Mason Claude
Mason Claude
Agronomy Research Lead
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