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Top 3 Observations from the Field This Season with Buck Breazeale


From the open fields of Nebraska to deep in the heart of Texas, Buck Breazeale, BW Fusion Technical Agronomist, has seen quite a variety of fields this season. Based on his observations from the field, here are the top three things you need to know right now, straight from Buck himself:

1. Stress Management is Key

We’re getting towards the end of the season, and growers are ready to put their crops on cruise control, but as we head into grain fill and temperatures keep rising, we need to keep a close eye on fields and mitigate as much crop stress as possible to protect yields. Applying products anytime temperatures are below 86ºF is on a key tip that will allow you to get the most out of your summer applications.

2. Be on the Lookout for Disease

I’ve seen some gray leaf spot in fields, and recently I’ve even seen southern rust start to pop up. Gray leaf spot typically appears as small, brown or ash-gray spots with purplish-gray borders on leaves. As the disease progresses, the spots grow and can turn into more diamond-shaped lesions. Southern rust causes reddish-orange lesions on leaves.

Corn Disease

Typically, fungicides with multiple modes of action, including succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors (SDHI), are most effective in counteracting these diseases. When applied early enough, the inhibitors inhibit respiration in the fungus, which prevents infection.


Again, it’s essential to protect crops from stress—from weather conditions, fungal diseases and more—as we finish out the growing season. The right biological crop nutrition products from BW Fusion will do just that.

The two best products to apply right now are Full Sun and AmiNo. These two products could really help finish the crop out and avoid some stressful nights. With these product applications, you’ll see:

  • Healthy crop development

  • Better retention of yield in the face of stress

  • A decrease in nitrate demand on your crops

  • Improvement in your efficiency and profitability

If you want to hear more from Buck and other BW Fusion agronomists, meet our team here to connect you with the right products for your fields!