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BW-Relax RX

Introducing Relax RX, designed for superior stress mitigation. Relax RX empowers plants to effectively defend against and recover from various stress factors, ensuring robust growth and productivity.

Crop-Specific Benefits:

  • Relax RX combines powerful ingredients, including Cobalt, Amino Acids, Respite, and BLG. This unique formulation supports essential plant functions such as absorption, stomatal regulation, enzyme activation, metabolic activity, and antioxidant activity, promoting overall plant health and vitality.
  • Relax RX minimizes yield loss and reduces downtime by building plant resilience to short-term stress. This enhanced tolerance ensures that your plants remain productive even under challenging conditions.
  • Relax RX facilitates quicker recovery after stress events, and it includes herbicide applications. This rapid recovery process ensures that plants return to their peak performance swiftly, maintaining consistent growth and yield.
  • Extend your plants' productive days with Relax RX. By boosting sugar creation and optimizing nutrient use, this product helps maximize the growing season, leading to higher yields and more efficient farming.

Choose Relax RX for a reliable, innovative solution to plant stress. Experience healthier, more resilient crops that thrive under pressure with BW Fusion’s Relax RX.


16oz. per Acre





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