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Improve Your Bottom Line with BW Fusion Biological Crop Nutrition Products


With interest rates, inflation and input costs continuing to rise, it’s as important as ever to make sure you are setting your farm up for financial success and protecting your investment.

In preparing for a downturn in the farm economy, BW Fusion understands the need to feel confident in the return on investment input choices will provide. You can count on BW Fusion biological crop nutrition products to keep your fields (and your wallet) full of green.



Thanks to Agronomy 365, we’re able to monitor key nutrient deficiencies. With this Full Sun trial, we were able to easily identify these nutrients, and provide the crop with what it needed to maximize its potential this season.

The photosynthesis maximizing power of Full Sun proves valuable, with a +13.7 to +22.9 BPA increase in corn, resulting in a $51 to $77 per acre ROI (based on $5.00 corn prices). Soybeans in the trial saw an increase of +8.5 BPA.

This independent trial is the average of 5 replicated trials, planted December 9, 2022.


A grower in Nebraska put BW-Humic Fulvic 12%, a blend of beneficial acids designed for optimal nutrient bioavailability and uptake, to the test. In this study, the grower applied Humic Fulvic 12% at 32 oz/acre in-furrow on corn.

Just four days after application, there was a visual response in all treatments when compared to the untreated acres. But the even greater wins came at harvest.

Humic Fulvic

The treated corn presented lower moisture levels, higher test weights and, most importantly, higher yields.

The trial saw an average yield increase of +7.7 BPA. Based on a corn price of $7.02/bu, that means a $54.07/acre ROI.

Environoc 401 Jensen Field Plant Size 6 30 2021

Environoc 401 — Nebraska Trial

Environoc 401 also had its own chance to shine in Nebraska corn fields. During this trial, Environoc 401 was applied in-furrow at 16 oz/acre.

As a result, yields increased by an average of +7.7 BPA, and the grower saw a $53.99/acre ROI (based on $7.02/bu corn price).

Meltdown Applied in Texas 2021

BW-Meltdown + Environoc 401 — Mississippi Trial

When products are combined, the results multiply. The combination of BW-Meltdown and Environoc 401 is a perfect example of the synergy between BW Fusion biological crop nutrition products.

In a Mississippi trial, Meltdown and Environoc eliminated the need for urea application, saving the grower from applying 50 lbs of nitrogen at $50 or more per acre.

During this trial, the grower utilized Agronomy 365 tissue tests to monitor nutrient levels and make educated in-season management decisions, validating the option to reduce nitrogen application. The fields showed consistently healthy nitrogen levels, despite an exceptionally dry and hot season in this region.

In addition to the fertilizer cost savings, the grower saw a +14.5 BPA advantage and $65.25/acre net profit (based on $6.00/bushel corn price)—all with only 250 actual units of N applied (.88 N ratio).

A spring Meltdown application at 32 oz/acre; in-furrow Environoc 401 application at 16 oz/acre; foliar application of BW-Respite, K-ACE and slow release nitrogen; and tissue testing through Agronomy 365 were the keys to this grower’s success.

Ready To See The Green On Your Own Field?

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