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Connecting Crops to Careers

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“It’s a funny story,” says Devin Baker, former intern for Agronomy 365 who has taken his career full-time with BW Fusion. “My dad was the Regional Business Manager for Biodyne in Indiana, had been talking with TJ, partner of Biodyne and BW Fusion, about hiring someone. TJ told my dad that he not only knew a good fit for an intern, he lived with him.”

That conversation led to Devin learning more about BW Fusion and getting to know our customers through an internship with Agronomy 365, BW Fusion’s trusted source for soil and tissue analysis.

Getting Started

The day-to-day of Devin’s internship varied by the season.

Throughout the winter, Devin would hold meetings to walk customers through the Agronomy 365 Dashboard and capabilities, including how data from Agronomy 365 could help guide and validate their farm management decisions.

In the summer, he did follow-ups to walk through fields and analyze soil samples. He showed customers what each sample meant to help them understand what they were seeing in the field and how it connected to the data seen in the Agronomy 365 Dashboard.

Through these experiences, Devin was able to connect with growers, along with seeing the BW Fusion Difference in action through Agronomy 365’s deep dives into soil and crop health. His internship sparked a new desire to understand the “why” behind the data he saw from Agronomy 365.

“With this internship, I found myself staying up at night thinking about what caused certain things I was seeing in the field—almost a curiosity about everything we do,” Devin says. “I never really expected [that] to come from it, and it is one of the main reasons that I’m doing what I am today.”

A Career in Crops

Today, Devin applies the knowledge and experience gained in his internship with Agronomy 365 as an associate technical agronomist for BW Fusion. He covers Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and helps to support the inside sales team.

“BW Fusion is all about the pursuit of knowledge, being innovators and truly improving the lives and knowledge of farmers every single day. That really intrigued me,” Devin says. “I’ve been able to see and feel the difference. Everything about BW felt like I found a home—a place where I wanted to be, not just selling on a dream, but selling products that can change and have changed people's lives.”

Family Business

Devin’s father helped him learn about BW Fusion and identify opportunities to get involved with the business, and the connections continue to grow.

The father-son duo works, farms and lives together on a fifth-generation farm in Northeast Indiana.

“We enjoy going to our day job then going home in the evening and implementing what we learn,” Devin says. “We’re able to work with a lot of great growers and learn alongside them and implement strategies at home.”

From his start with Agronomy 365 to his full-time career with BW Fusion, and with his dad working with him along the way, Devin truly represents the people, the products and the proof of BW Fusion.