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New Products, Same Great Results


The first harvest season for new products on the market is filled with anticipation of growers’ results and excitement for their success with the addition of BW Fusion products in their fields. This year, we released three new products: Full Sun - Corn, Full Sun - Soy and SoyWORX, all of which brought serious results and earned their keep in the product lineup.

Full Sun

No one can deny the power of the sun. It's what gives us life, and it's also what gives plants the energy they need to grow. But sometimes, even the sun isn't enough. That's why we created Full Sun for corn and soybeans.

Full Sun is a powerful nutrient supplement that helps plants make the most of the sunlight they receive. By giving them the essential nutrients they need, Full Sun enables plants to maximize their growth potential.

Full Sun - Corn

“Full Sun - Corn had a lot of great visual responses, including tons of stimulation of new root growth, wider leaf structure with more upright leaf orientation due to a thicker/stronger midrib on the leaf,” Cody Wells, BW Fusion Fonda Grower Lead, says. “We are still gathering yield data but seeing a lot of 5-8 bushel responses.”

Some growers are seeing results well beyond that average. One grower saw a +12 bushel advantage with Full Sun - Corn over untreated, all sprayed with a VT fungicide pass.

See the proof in these photos—you just can’t deny the #BWDifference.

You didn’t even have to wait until harvest to see the results of Full Sun - Corn. A north central Iowa grower had 8 oz. heavier ears at about half milk line before harvest this September. Mason Claude, BW- Fusion Agronomy Research lead, says there’s no other foliar applied product like Full Sun.


A BW grower in the Bloomington area saw a +3.4 BPA advantage with Full Sun - Soy applied at R1.

We’ve even seen great results from applying Full Sun to crops like cotton and sesame. There’s not much this product can’t do.

“Full Sun has been really good for total plant health,” Travis Baker, BW Fusion regional sales representative for northern Indiana and Ohio, says. “It especially looks great paired with BW-Advance.


The most important thing you can do for maximum yields and early season plant performance is to give it good soil. We created SoyWORX, the first of its kind, for this exact reason. Soybean plants have a critical need for magnesium, calcium and phosphorus from germination to the leaf stage. SoyWORX is the first to ensure maximum root structure that produces a stacked plant with more lateral branching, working for you to be more efficient with your ROI.

“SoyWORX had some great visual responses as well, which included a massive early root structure with a thicker stem and dark green trifoliates early on,” Cody says. “I believe it is a great product for getting the plant started and creating potential.”


A Crawford County, Illinois, trial averaged +4.7 BPA advantage // $65 per acre return across three zones with SoyWORX. Mason calls SoyWORX “the most consistent soybean in-furrow application I’ve seen,” and Travis agrees.

“What impresses me with SoyWORX is the consistency of germination and plants coming up out of the ground—and same with the cotyledons,” Travis says. “If you’re pushing soybean yields and looking for something to get them going and get them out of the ground, this is what you need.”

Two southwest Indiana growers reported +7 and +2.2 BPA advantage on 15” rows with 125K population.

As we continue to get data in this harvest season, the excitement about these products with our team and farmers across the country steadily grows. Seeing these products continually perform across soil types and weather conditions prove there is something here for everyone. If you want to learn more about these products and the yields you have the potential to pull off your fields next harvest, give us a call.