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4 Reasons To Incorporate HumiCal Into Your Program

Bw fusion humical

The innovation continues.

One of our newest creations, HumiCal, is a great addition to the BW Fusion family of products. It provides your field with a water-soluble source of calcium, making it immediately available. HumiCal is also specifically formulated to improve nutrient uptake.

Here are four reasons this product could be the one that raises your profitability even higher.

HumiCal Provides Much-Needed Calcium

Your field needs a variety of nutrients to provide the best possible ROI, and calcium is high on the list. That’s because it’s essential for plant development and cell wall formation. The soluble calcium found in HumiCal is essential for disease resistance as well as stress tolerance. And the benefits don’t stop there.

“Calcium is not only vital to transport nutrients within the plant, but it's also vital for soil structure,” said Jason Schley, Owner and Lead Agronomist at Agronomy 365.

HumiCal Helps Improve Soil Structure

You’ve spent time in fields where the soil is basically dust. If you grab a handful, it blows away in the wind. That’s poor soil structure. It’s not good for your crop or your wallet.

Instead, you want soil that feels soft and plush. Along with carbon, it is calcium that plays a significant role in the structure of your soil which results in:

  • Gas exchange

  • Root penetration

  • Water permeability

Corn root structure

HumiCal Offers Flexible Application

HumiCal can be applied preplant, at planting, or in season with coulter or Y-drop applications. It also comes premixed, so won’t need any additional additives or water.

Just keep in mind that this product does not mix with sulfur, phosphorus, boron, or any other sulfate-based micronutrients. HumiCal should not be used with Roundup or 24D-Amine. If you have any questions, contact our agronomy team.

HumiCal Pairs Well With Other Products

HumiCal is an effective product all on its own. But to provide the best one-two punch in the fall, we recommend pairing it with our crop residue solution, Meltdown.

Our trial data out of Iowa shows the significant impact this duo can make compared to untreated soil.

Humical Meltdown Data

If you have questions about HumiCal or any other product, contact us today.

Your One-Two Punch For The Fall

Now is the time to make sure next year is even better. Find what the combination of Meltdown and HumiCal could do for your field.