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How to Integrate Biologicals into Your Traditional Crop Nutrition Program

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Whether you’ve had your eye on biologicals for a while or the ongoing fertilizer crisis across the globe has you seeking alternative crop nutrition solutions, we’ve got what you need to ensure a smooth transition from traditional crop inputs into this new wave of agriculture..

Successfully incorporating biologicals into your crop nutrition plan requires some strategic planning, but it doesn’t have to be complicated or challenging. Our team of expert agronomists is here to help you determine the best products for your concerns and goals, but we also have starter products that are beneficial for any grower.

Slow & Steady

Bonnie and Clyde, Mary Ann and Wanda, Batman and Robin, Environoc 401 and Meltdown.

Some duos are just iconic. A combination of Environoc 401 and Meltdown is the perfect pair to start incorporating biologicals in your fields. With Environoc 401 alone, we see an average +10.9 BPA and a $47.80 increase in net return per acre of corn, plus an average +14.3 advantage in sorghum and +3 in soybeans. Meltdown brings an average +20.5 BPA advantage in corn to the table. Combine the two and you can’t go wrong.

Why both? MeltDown has traditionally been used as a tool to breakdown crop residue and cycle nutrients back into the soil. When applied in the spring as a partner to Environoc 401, MeltDown will continue to break down complex carbons like cellulose, lignin and chitin, as well as ammonifying organic nitrogen, fixing atmospheric nitrogen and solubilizing growth-attributing nutrients like phosphorus and potassium. We believe that the combination of these two biology teams are truly changing and creating a more biologically diverse soil that will better cycle nutrients to crop.

When we applied Meltdown to soybean stubble, then planted corn and treated it with Environoc 401, we saw an average increase of 21% across 15 nutrient levels, as compared to fields treated only with Environoc 401. These products are great on their own, but they become even more powerful when combined. Plus, they can be applied to any crop—so go ahead, use them on every acre.

If you don’t have in-furrow capabilities, you can pre-treat your seeds with our Environoc Seed Treatment or broadcast BD-Biocast to replace Environoc 401, or broadcast BD-Biocast Plus to replace both Meltdown and Environoc 401.

If you prefer dipping your toes in the water over jumping into the deep end, start by applying Environoc 401 and Meltdown on any of your fields and grow your biological crop nutrition regimen from there.

Bonus: BW-Advance is another great addition for any crops that could use a push with hormone and energy production or for crops that need additional root stimulation below the soil.

Fast & Furious

You want results, and you want them now. We get it. We’re the same way. Constantly challenging ourselves to set new standards for crop yields.

Adding in some of our micronutrient-focused products will enhance the performance of your biologicals, helping your yields (and your crops) grow even more. Start with the same routine above—Meltdown pre-plant, Environoc 401 in-furrow—then choose your in-season products based on your soil and crop nutrient needs.

For legumes, PiSKi Dust Plus helps reduce the effects of stress on crops through enhanced cellular structure, while increasing the uptake of important nutrients. BW-Respite is another product that mitigates stress in all crops by blocking ethylene. BW-Fixate utilizes cobalt and molybdenum to support nitrogen fixation in soybeans. BW-KPlus is powered by sulfur and potassium to improve plant health and vitality by supporting protein synthesis. For enhanced crop vigor, increased root mass, better nutrient uptake, and reduced environmental stress, BW-NTrust is a great product for all crops requiring nitrogen.

To target specific nutrient levels, use one of our many glycine products. Glycine is the magic ingredient with the ability to penetrate the plant cuticle and allow the applied nutrient access to reach further inside the plant. The plant recognizes glycine as energy and sends it to areas that require more energy, allowing the nutrient to be carried along with it and providing greater nutrient density in the areas that need it. Zinc, manganese, calcium, copper, and iron are molecularly bonded with glycine in each of these products.

There’s plenty more where that came from, but deciding the right products for you comes down to individual needs. Get in touch with one of our agronomists to create a plan tailored to your specific needs and goals and find out where you should focus your inputs—it’s what they’re here for. We want to help you reach record-setting yields by utilizing products that perform acre after acre.

Bonus: For higher-level crop nutrition planning, utilize the Agronomy 365 Dashboard for real-time insights into your plant and soil nutrient levels to know what your crops need this season. No waiting for harvest to see how your fields’ performed, and no waiting until next season to start implementing changes.

When it comes to crop nutrition, there is no right or wrong approach—just the approach that works for you, and the approach that works for someone else. We don’t want growers to fit into our box—each product is designed to fit into your program. Put these products to work for you. Stop waiting for next season, and start incorporating biologicals now. Experience the BW Difference for yourself.