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BW-Fixate is a best-in-class planting product that uses cobalt and molybdenum to enhance the production of microbial communities that specifically drive atmospheric N2 fixation. Paired with Biodyne Environoc 401, microbial communities thrive - leaving your crops and soil in the best condition possible. The cobalt in BW-Fixate supports stem growth, shoot development, and bud development, while the molybdenum drives the synthesis and activity of nitrate reductase - a vital enzyme for nitrogen assimilation in plant cells.

Soil-Specific Benefits:

  • Enhance atmospheric nitrogen fixation for optimal N plant availability
  • Optimize diversity and biomass of microbial communities

Crop-Specific Benefits:

  • Inhibit plant ethylene production during times of stress
  • Support stem growth, shoot development, and bud development

BW-Fixate is suitable for use on any crop and significantly benefits any soil with plant-available nitrogen deficiencies.


6-10 oz/acre


In-Furrow / Foliar

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