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Thanks for an awesome meeting. It was the best I've ever attended. I was getting a couples massage in Carmel today and all I could think about was BW Fusion programs! Dude that is just wrong!
I attended your Bettendorf meeting last week and was blown away. I feel like I've been reading a book for my first 10 years of farming and a sequel finally came out! I am as excited at age 38 as I have ever been about a crop because of a new avenue of learning BW Fusion will provide.
Tom Brenner
I have to say, I've sat through my share of agronomy meetings, some good, some bad. This has to be the best I've been to. You guys are top notch. It's easy to get comfortable in what you think you know and busy with other things and then you get the fire reignited, realizing you don't know. I appreciate you guys and will not let much time pass before my next chance to learn from the best!
The BW team is the most insightful agronomy team backed by data. You can't go wrong there.
Its nothing less than a surreal feeling to see what my future in agriculture could hold, and I cannot express my gratitude enough for the help and partnership each of you has shown me. I believe that we are on the verge of something truly amazing that could change the face of our industry.
Mason Claude

As Agronomy Research Lead, Mason brings a fresh perspective and passion for understanding the “why” behind BW Fusion product performance in the field and sharing that with our team and growers.

Mason Claude Cutout
Sean Nettleton

Backed with a wide swath of knowledge, Sean brings passion for all things crop and soil health. His multi-faceted background ensures growers are using and understanding the products that will perform.

Sean Nettleton Cutout