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Top 5 Ag Trends to Watch in 2023


As we head into the new year, we’re also heading into a new wave of progress in the agriculture industry. BW Fusion has always been on the cutting edge of agriculture, and we are driven toward constant innovation. We’re not just watching the trends roll in—we are the trendsetters.

Check out the top trends to watch in 2023, and how BW Fusion is leading the charge.

1. Regenerative agriculture takes the stage

Pushes toward environmental sustainability from consumer and corporate levels will likely press on even more in 2023. When looking at global climate and sustainability, agriculture is often seen as an industry with opportunities to improve the outlook for the environment. Many growers have been implementing sustainable, climate-smart practices for years, but now, these practices are becoming additional income streams for farm operations. Carbon markets continue to expand, and now is a great time to look into carbon credit programs, before popularity decreases profitability.

2. Increase in biological crop nutrition popularity

We’ve been proving the value of biologicals in crop nutrition for years, and now, the rest of the agriculture industry is seeing it too. You can expect companies to push biological products more and more in the coming year, but nothing compares to the BW Fusion microbe fermentation process. We are committed to delivering the best products available on the market.

3. Traditional input costs continue to rise

Part of the increase in popularity of biological products can be attributed to global supply chain disruptions and traditional fertilizer prices that feel like they will never stop rising. Using alternative inputs, like biological crop nutrition products, can help you plan more effectively for your 2023 farm budget. International conflicts and fluctuating fertilizer availability and pricing are nothing to worry about with BW Fusion’s microbial products, all made in the U.S.A. from our own proprietary blend of microorganisms.

4. New and improved agricultural technology

From BW Fusion agronomist Sean Nettleton’s soil sampling rig to combines that drive themselves, there’s no shortage of advancements in ag tech, and the momentum continues to build. Some of our current favorites in ag technology come from Agronomy 365, including their in-depth soil and tissue sampling programs and their community app where growers can talk about soil health and crop nutrition all day and all night. In the coming year, expect to see more growers using artificial intelligence for crop planning and monitoring and using robotic technology for tasks such as cleaning grain bins and milking dairy cattle.

5. Policies hang in the balance of the 2023 farm bill

As we enter the year of a new farm bill, policies and regulations are up in the air as conversations on Capitol Hill determine the outlook of the next few years in agriculture. Sustainable and regenerative agriculture is a focus for the farm bill, specifically in relation to crop insurance. Potential changes to the farm bill have sparked some tension among ag experts, but, as always, it’s uncertain how the legislation will continue to unfold.

There’s always something new barreling towards the agriculture industry, and the snowball will just keep growing as we roll through the end of this year and into the next. We are here to talk through any questions or concerns you have about the upcoming year, and rest easy knowing we’ve got your back as we head into 2023.