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Start Your Seeds Off Right with Environoc Seed Treatment

Seed Treatment Mack inc 2021

Everyone knows about the dynamite power of Environoc 401 + Meltdown, but who wants to wait until after the season starts to apply product and see the benefits?

Set your seeds up for success before they even hit the ground with Environoc Seed Treatment. This treatment brings all the benefits of Environoc 401, without the need for in-furrow capabilities.

With the ability to place BW microbes closest to the seed, the impact of Environoc ST starts at the microbial level and extends all the way through germination.


Soil Benefits

Environoc ST seed treatment helps optimize seed germination and nutrient release in your soil’s rhizosphere. It also will maximize micronutrient production, creating effects you’ll continue to benefit from even after this season. Environoc ST also enhances surfactant production for reduced surface tension in the soil.


Seed Germination Benefits

While we know the impacts in microbes and soil, we see the impact with seed germination—and nothing beats seeing the proof of products right in your fields. With Environoc ST, you’ll notice higher germination rates and lower time it takes for seeds to germinate, covering your fields with healthy emerging crops before you know it.

This isn’t just for your best soil. It’s for any soil. Germination success rates have been shown to improve in warm, cold or saturated soils, all thanks to Environoc ST.

Environoc ST Seed Germination

These germination test results from the Indiana Crop Improvement Association show the effects of Environoc ST on treated seed (fungicide + inoculant) and untreated seed (naked seeds).

The data speaks for itself, but a couple of key highlights are the high germination proficiency of both treated and untreated seed applied with Environoc ST in the saturated cold germ test and the significant difference shown in seeds without Environoc ST.

The industry standard germination percentage in corn is typically 85%. This data shows Environoc ST is raising the standard, increasing emergence and viability of planted seed.

If you’re ready to join us in raising the standard for germination rates and soil health, it’s time to add Environoc Seed Treatment to your 2023 lineup.