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Guide to BW Fusion’s In-Season Product Lineup


After laying a strong foundation for crops to thrive at planting, the work isn’t done. In-season applications are where you build on the foundation, and identify cracks along the way that need to be filled.

BW Fusion understands the importance of having a complete biological crop nutrition program. That’s why we have a full lineup of in-season products to help you build up walls to protect your plants. From products designed to give crops an overall boost in health and resilience to products specifically formulated to restore adequate levels of a certain nutrient, we have your in-season needs covered.

Let’s break down our in-season biological crop nutrition products to see which ones are right for you.

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Full Sun helps plants make the most of the sunlight they receive—reaching their full growth potential. Full Sun uses premium nutrients and amino acids to maximize photosynthesis and improve nutrient flow through the plant - both inward and outward.

The dark green/blue plant with a larger leaf membrane Full Sun creates increase the plant’s natural ability to capture more sunlight and turn it into valuable nutrients. The proof speaks for itself in this photo. Those higher ear weights translate to higher yields at harvest.

While Full Sun has specific formulations for corn and soybeans, growers have also seen success in applying Full Sun to additional crops.


BW Fusion’s HumiCal boosts—you guessed it—calcium levels in plants, promoting proper plant development and cell wall formation. These are the building blocks for strong, successful crops.

This calcium supplement is water-soluble, meaning it can be directly applied to the soil without needing to undergo a biological breakdown process and is immediately available to the soil and plants.

When you apply BW-HumiCal in your fields, you benefit your crops in two ways. First, the soluble calcium protects your crop with improved disease resistance and stress tolerance. Second, calcium plays an essential role in soil structure, and better soil structure means better porosity and oxygen flow, benefiting root growth and soil microbes.

BW-Calcium Glycine

If your crops’ calcium levels are really struggling, BW-Calcium Glycine is the product for you. This unique blend of calcium and nitrogen is engineered to reverse calcium deficiency in your plants, which is common in acidic soils—even if they are only slightly acidic.

Calcium is vital to plant tissue production, building strong cell walls and nutrient transport. Want an additional refresher on the importance of calcium in your crops? Check out the Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Calcium.

The glycine portion of BW-Calcium Glycine uses proprietary glycine technology to act as a chelating agent for elements like zinc, manganese, calcium, iron and copper. The glycine allows these nutrients to penetrate plant cuticles for optimal nutrient uptake and absorption.

BW-Manganese Glycine

BW-Manganese Glycine is another product that uses the power of glycine to maximize nutrient absorption and truly remediate nutrient deficiencies. BW-Manganese Glycine is a finely-tuned blend of manganese, sulfur and nitrogen formulated specifically for manganese-deficient crops.

Manganese deficiencies are most common in alkaline soils, but crops are especially susceptible when irrigation water contains high levels of bicarbonate. Manganese is critical for plant growth and development, especially in the early stages of the plant life cycle, and it also supports metabolic functions within the plant.

BW-Manganese Glycine combats manganese deficiency; enhances nitrogen assimilation, photosynthesis and the respiration process. In addition, this BW Fusion product improves germination success rates, root cell elongation and plant-pathogen resistance.

BW Advance and Boron 7 on Corn


BW-Advance is the last-leg energy boost your crops need to finish out the marathon of the growing season. BW-Advance contains a monster blend of nitrogen, phosphate, potash, boron, manganese and zinc, and blends these nutrients with amino acids, sugars and N-P-K.

This powerful blend balances both micro and macronutrients for a top-down and bottom-up approach to growth. Above-ground, BW-Advance focuses on hormone and energy production. In the soil, BW-Advance stimulates root growth and builds thriving microbial communities. These synergistic superpowers work together to enhance nutrient absorption and protect crops from pests, disease and harsh environmental conditions.


BW-KPlus combines sulfur and potassium to improve plant health and vitality. The sulfur in BW-KPlus benefits crops by assisting amino acid, protein, chlorophyll and oil production, while promoting nodule growth in legumes and activating plant enzymes that drive biological processes. BW-KPlus’ potassium compounds support plant water movement for optimal nutrient cycling—driving ATP production and regulating photosynthesis.

With BW-KPlus, you will see enhanced root growth; increased resistance to drought; reduced water loss, respiration and wilting; and improved starch and sugar transportation—all at any time during the growing season.

Respite 2021 Corn Response


BW-Respite stops crop ethylene production during stress events using the power of potash. When plants release ethylene gas, they essentially shut down and begin their end-of-life cycle. BW-Respite gives crops the strength they need to remain resilient throughout the season and not succumb to stress events.


BW-NTrust is one of the most efficient and effective soil amendment support products BW Fusion has to offer. Beneficial microbes, fulvic acid, boron, manganese, zinc, copper and molybdenum come together with liquid nitrogen for an application that promotes soil and plant health.

While most other stabilizers kill soil and plant biology, BW-NTrust lets it thrive by using a microbial population that enhances crop vigor, increases root mass, facilitates optimal nutrient uptake, and reduces environmental plant stressors.

BW-PiKSi Dust Plus

Another key formulation to fight off stress is BW-PiKSi Dust Plus. This product uses potassium silica to build robust cellular structures in any crop. BW-PiKSi Dust Plus facilitates healthy growth in depleted soils, reducing the stresses of extreme weather events that suppress yields.

In an independent, third-party study, BW-PiKSi Dust Plus showed a +7 BPA advantage when applied to soybeans at V3.

BW-PiKSi Dust Plus has also been proven to be a powerful food source for other BW-Fusion biological crop nutrition products. Sprinkle some PiKSi Dust on your treated or untreated crops and watch the magic happen.

Talk with a BW Fusion agronomist to get these crop nutrition products added to your in-season lineup today.