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Start Your Soybeans Off Right With SoyWORX


The time is finally here. A BW product designed just for soybeans.

The most important thing you can do for maximum yields and early season plant performance is to give it good soil. One of our latest products, SoyWORX, does just that.

We’re giving your plants the nutrients they need to be productive, healthy and strong—below and above the ground. Soy plants have a critical need for magnesium, calcium and phosphorus from germination to the leaf stage. SoyWORX is the first to ensure maximum root structure that will produce a stacked plant with more lateral branching and work for you to be more efficient with your ROI. Start your soybeans off right, the easy way, by adding SoyWORX to your in-furrow lineup—no additives necessary.

Real Results

  • Increases root structure for a more vertical root with a thicker diameter.

  • Promotes earlier nodulations.

  • Trace nutrients support hormonal growth and early season sun capture.

  • Ensures more lateral branching in a shorter, squattier plant.

  • Improves your efficiency and farm's profitability.

  • Multi-action carbon cultivates the fungal network.

Backed by Power

SoyWORX is powered by Xplosion—an all-natural molecular compound that’s a game-changer for all plants. This powerful feature feeds soil microbes, speeds up germination time and enhances nutrient uptake in plants while mitigating plant stress. Xplosion features a complex blend of carbon sources and over 90 trace elements that feed the soil and stimulate root growth.

See the Proof

We’re already seeing great results in the first few weeks of SoyWORX officially going from test plots to growers’ fields. Check out how the crops are doing so far this season.

Follow along with these growers and see more of SoyWORX on the Agronomy 365 app.