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Putting Your Money Where It Counts: How Agronomy 365 Pairs with BW Fusion

Utilizing Agronomy 365 with BW Fusion

“Here's the old adage: The soil is like a bank. If we apply nutrients, they're in the bank, and we get to draw them out. Well, Agronomy 365 has shown us that's not necessarily always the case,” Sean Nettleton, BW Fusion Regional Sales Agronomist, says. “If you put a lot of phosphorus out there, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's available to the plant—and we've seen that.”

Inputs have been skyrocketing so far this year, landing growers in circumstances where, now more than ever, every dollar counts. Farmers operate on a tight profit margin, and unfortunately, this season is no exception.

Being empowered to make adjustments to your crop nutrition plan throughout the season rather than putting all of your eggs in the one basket of early-season fertilizer and chemical application is better for your plants and your profits—especially in this market.

By utilizing the Agronomy 365 Dashboard, you’ll have access to real-time data at multiple stages throughout the growing season, showing you exactly where your soil and crops are sitting nutrient-wise and what nutrients may still need maximized to bring you higher yields at harvest. This gives you the opportunity to allocate your dollars on nutrients your crops need, not just what everyone around you is applying.

“That's the game changer, right there—how we apply, in the amounts we apply and the things that we apply to boost the efficiency and get more from those products. Because the weather is unpredictable, when we use 365, we see that maybe we didn't need all that potash up front, maybe we needed that K later in the season,” Sean says. “But if we go out there and spread it all at the beginning, we don't have any dollars left later in the season when we really need to make some of these applications. We're seeing that fertility is a season-long adventure and not ‘spread it to be to be done with it’ and move along to the next day.”

You can’t predict the future, and you shouldn’t have to make all of your crop management decisions before the season even starts. Agronomy 365 provides the data you need, and BW Fusion has the products to support your plants and make improvements based on your soil and tissue sample reports.

“I'm a believer that 365 is going to change the way we look at spending fertility dollars,” Sean says. “And I don't mean it's going to change tomorrow or the next day, But I think over the course of the next several years, we have a potential to change the way we look at fertilizer dollars and the response that we get from those. And I think that is going to be huge, because ‘dollars in’ is not ‘dollars out’ when it comes to fertilizer dollars. You don't always get back what you put in.”