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Prime Your Fields for Planting


We’re kicking off the new season with a new product. BW Prime is sure to earn a spot in your starting lineup—no bench-warming needed here..

BW Prime unleashes the power of your soil by breaking down tough compounds and turning them into valuable nutrients for your crops to use as they grow. If you’re itching to hit the fields, this pre-planting/pre-emerge product is one you’ve got to get your hands on.

“BW Prime is an easy-to-use premix that allows you to get our 501 microbial teams out in combination with a source of calcium,” Mason Claude, BW Fusion Technical Agronomist, says. “It is a great way to kick off your microbial activity for the season.”

Key feed sources combined with diverse microbial strains prime your land to maximize mineralization, providing a competitive edge over untreated acres. Like all of our other products, BW Prime is formulated with nutrient-rich ingredients and a careful blend of our microbial food sources.

Along with catalyzing mineralization, BW Prime also boosts calcium levels and helps solubilize carbon—a perfect combination for improving soil resilience.

See the proof for yourself:

Key Benefits

  • Harness powerful bacteria to break down tough compounds like cellulose, chitin and lignin—transforming them into valuable nutrients.

  • Give your soil the advantage it needs to reach its prime—turbocharging calcium levels and powering up growth.

  • Increase yields and crop quality with the special formulation designed to help improve nutrient uptake in plants.

  • Simplify ground prep for the upcoming season by breaking down crop residue naturally—eliminating tillage passes.

Application Information

Suggested Crops: Corn, Soybean, Wheat, Cotton

Application: Water quality/pH: 6.2

Rate: 2 Gal. per acre

Timing: Broadcast

Mixing Information: Do not apply with Roundup, Sulfur, Phosphorus, 2-4D amine

Product Tips: Meant for spring applications; pre-plant and pre-emergence

Get in touch with a BW sales rep to get BW Prime added to your #Plant23 lineup.