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Optimize Soil Fertility with BaselineRx

Baseline Rx

We believe in supporting your crop from the inside out with better biology—enhancing the natural functions of your soil and crops with products that treat the root problem, rather than masking it and continuing the cycle.

In order to truly identify and understand the issue and stay away from a guessing game, we need data. Soil and tissue sampling provides the data we need to eliminate guesswork in diagnosing which nutrients your field is lacking and gives you the ability to jump straight to problem-solving with the right products and treatments.

BaselineRx, a new program offered by Agronomy 365, is the key to unlocking a clear understanding of the nutrient levels and health of the soil within your fields. By creating a map of the unique zones that make up your fields and testing each of those zones, you get a more accurate look at what’s happening in your soil.

5 Steps to Success

Step 1: Zone Creation + Sample Collection

Before collecting soil samples, the BaselineRx team combines NIR imagery with topography, soil composition and water flow patterns to determine unique zones within your fields.

Each zone will have between five and fifteen soil sample cores pulled to paint the full picture of your soil health. These samples are taken at the standard 0-6” surface depth, but can be customized to fit your preferences and needs.

Creating specific zones based on the factors affecting your field is crucial for determining the most effective and efficient application rates. Pulling a few samples from random spots in your field leads to inaccurate representation of your soil’s nutrient levels.

Just as each zone has its own nutrient levels, the zones also have varying ability to retain nutrients. That’s why BaselineRx takes time to map the zones within your fields and include individualized nutrient prescriptions and application guidelines for each zone.

Step 2: Soil Testing

After the soil samples are collected, it’s time for testing. BaselineRx combines University Standard testing metrics with Next Level Ag’s cutting-edge Indicator Complete Soil Test to give you advanced insights

Here’s a breakdown of BaselineRx’s soil testing protocol compared to the industry average:

University Standard Test

Buffer pH

Next Level Ag Indicator Complete Test

All University Standard Test metrics
Ammoniacal N
Total Organic N
Total Organic Carbon
H3A Extract Package
Nutrient Relationships
Soil Health Score

Testing through Next Level Ag with BaselineRx provides the most complete look at the nutrient levels in your soil so we can work together to tap into new nutrient efficiencies. Not only does this testing protocol identify current nutrient levels, but it also clarifies potential for soil nutrient tie-up, late-season nutrient release, mineralization and crop rooting, along with soil nutrient holding capacity.

Step 3: Goal Setting

Once the BaselineRx team has a clear understanding of the current state of your soil, they connect with you to understand your perspective. Rather than basing nutrient prescriptions solely on the test results, BaselineRx uses your goals for the upcoming year, crop performance and results from previous years, your preferred application method, product availability and more to create a true baseline for success.

BaselineRx also utilizes satellite imagery to gather yield goal data. This empowers you to set realistic goals based on biomass history and receive fertility recommendations that are most efficient for each zone.

Step 4: BaselineRx Prescription

After the steps to get a 360° view of your circumstances and soil condition have been completed, the findings are turned into actionable prescriptions to guide you in nutrient application.

In your BaselineRx prescription, you will receive recommendations for variable rate N, P, K, Ca and S applications, and the team will work with you to outline any additional takeaways from the testing process.

Step 5: See the Results

Once you have an understanding of the nutrients your soil needs and the adverse conditions it may face, we can help you determine what products are needed to optimize your soil fertility and lay the foundation for healthy, high-yielding crops.

Each grower has unique circumstances, which is why we have unique solutions to fit your needs. If you settle for standard soil sampling and testing, you settle for standard yields. BaselineRx paired with Agronomy 365 and BW Fusion raises the standard and empowers you to take your operation to the next level.

If you’re ready for a deep dive into the intricacies of your soil to set the optimum fertility foundation for your fields, contact Tyler Peterson at