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Maximize Your Corn Crop ROI This Season


Last year, we introduced CornWORX, a complete starter designed to maximize your corn crop ROI. CornWORX provides corn roots with the building blocks needed to establish a strong, healthy foundation.

This starter delivers essential amino acids directly to plants to help create stronger root/microbe associations and solubilize vital nourishment—but that’s not all.

CornWORX Key Benefits

  • Increased root structure

  • More vertical root

  • Thicker root diameter

  • Hormonal growth

  • Early season sun capture

  • Maximized uniformity and emergency

  • Improved farm efficiency and profitability

  • Stress mitigation


This year, we’re introducing CornWORX’s perfect match to take the results even further.

BW Synergy is a powerful tank mix partner that works hand in hand with CornWORX. Synergy earns its name through the enhanced performance it unlocks when paired with CornWORX in-furrow.

“Synergy is an innovative replacement for a traditional phosphate starter. It provides nitrogen, calcium and magnesium to allow the plant to have better overall nutrient uptake,” Buck Braezele, BW Technical Agronomist, says. “Paired in-furrow with CornWORX, you have a great 1-2 punch to establish the best stand possible!”

Synergy is designed to work with CornWORX to ignite the hidden power of your crops and unlock the full yield capabilities of your fields. With a unique blend of macronutrients, Synergy encourages healthy root growth and helps build a more efficient vascular system, giving your corn plant the solid structure it needs to reach its full potential.

BW Synergy Key Benefits

  • Advanced tank mix partner with CornWORX

  • Enhanced vascular support, helping plants grow stronger and stay resilient

  • Nutrient and moisture absorption

  • Strong and healthy foundational growth

Application Information

Guaranteed Analysis: 11-0-0

Suggested Crops: Corn

Application: Water quality/pH: 6.2 final solution

Rate: 1 Gal. per acre

Timing: In-furrow

Product Tips: Tank mix partner for CornWORX

Mixing Information:

  • Do not use with phosphorus and sulfur-containing products

  • Can mix with CornWORX, Melted Manure, treated water

  • Jar test

Product Expectations:

  • More robust stalk diameter and deep green color, especially when paired with CornWORX

  • Improved nutrient uptake