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Building Efficient Protein Powerhouses with BW-AmiNo


Growers often think of nitrogen as a defining factor or benchmark of plant success, but why?

To understand the importance of nitrogen, we must first understand its role in the plant. Plants convert nitrogen into amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein.

So, by applying nitrogen, what we’re really trying to build is amino acids. But what if we could skip the nitrogen conversion process and jump straight to protein synthesis with amino acids?

With BW-AmiNo, we can.


AmiNo™ is an amino acid nitrogen source designed to be used in a foliar application.

By foliar feeding AmiNo™, we’re able to speed up the protein synthesis process while conserving energy that would’ve been required to convert nitrogen into amino acids.

The energy conservation and boost in amino acids from AmiNo™ also allow the plant to be more resilient to abiotic and biotic stresses. AmiNo™ helps the plant create vital sugars, allowing for better yield retention in the face of stress.


AmiNo™ makes nutrient efficiency better than ever. Less nitrate demand + reduced overall nitrogen usage = maximum productivity.

It’s not just about nitrogen, though. AmiNo™ increases uptake of other nutrients. Because amino acids create enzymatic reactions, your crops will uptake more nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals from the soil.

On top of that, by applying less nitrogen to our soils, more carbon can be stored within our soils, reducing the release of carbon back into the atmosphere. AmiNo™ builds carbon by having the right amount of nitrogen in the soil, without burning carbon from excess nitrogen sitting in the soil system.


BW-AmiNo is one of the easiest products to apply to your crops. It mixes with everything, allowing you to apply at the same time as other foliar products, saving you time and money on applications.

Application Rate

  • 16-24 oz. per acre when applying V3-V8

  • 32 oz. per acre when applying V9-R2


A cotton grower in northeast Arkansas saw the payoff of the protein and nutrient efficiency AmiNo™ provides in multiple ways.

The grower applied a total of 48.76 pounds of nitrogen between soil and foliar applications, along with four trips of AmiNo™. Here are their results:

  • 80% less growth regulator needed

  • 1-2 fewer insecticide passes

  • 50-60 pound reduction in total N applied

  • Improved N tissue levels

  • 12% increase in boll retention

A Nebraska grower saw AmiNo™’s stress mitigation in action following a hail storm that impacted corn fields. An application of Full Sun and AmiNo™ quickly got the fields back into shape.

Full Sun was providing plants with the essential nutrients they need and the capabilities to grow to their optimal strength and size, while AmiNo™ helped the corn crop mitigate and handle the stress from the event.

If you’re ready to turn your crops into efficient protein powerhouses and see results like these in your fields, get in touch with our agronomists today.

Maybe my dollars are better spent on Full Sun and AmiNo instead of an insurance policy
(Post hail event in Nebraska that stripped the field of corn)