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Bring your soil back to life

Huma Prill Blog Photo

At the end of the year, we could all use a little relief and some extra support. Your soil is the same way. If you have tired soils that are low in organic matter and fertility, consider BW-Huma Prill.

Huma Prill uses humic and fulvic acids to transform your soil’s fertility and impact plant growth from the soil. Huma Prill is a pure, dry humate with thousands of micro-sized humate particles in each granule. Within a few minutes after application and watering, the particles dissolve into the soil, immediately working to improve nutrient efficiency and soil conditions.

Humates provide key benefits that all growers are looking for. The Humic Products Trade Association has verified three primary crop and soil improvements from humic substances:

  1. Improved root mass and growth

  2. Enhanced nutrient availability and uptake

  3. Higher crop yield and quality

When you add fulvic acid to humates, the benefits from the duo just keep getting better:

  1. Adds organic matter to soils

  2. Boosts crop quality and yield

  3. Stimulates soil microbial life

  4. Increases water penetration

  5. Optimizes soil fertility

  6. Enhances nutrient availability and uptake

  7. Improves root development

  8. Increases root mass and growth

  9. Promotes conversion of fertilizer into plant-available food

  10. Increases soil nutrient mineralization

The effectiveness of Huma Prill comes in the form of chemical bonds. The humic and fulvic acids chemically bind to valuable minerals in the soil and hold them until crops are ready for the exchange process. As Huma Prill captures these minerals, it drives an increase in cation exchange capacity, optimizing your soil’s fertility. Better crops start with better soil, and Huma Prill is the solution for better soil.

We formulated this powerful soil enhancement product from naturally occurring, oxidized leonardite ore—a readily-soluble mineral that invigorates and restores soil productivity. The end of one year and start of another is the perfect time for rest and rejuvenation, for both you and your soil. Preserving soil minerals and preventing nutrient depletion with humic and fulvic acids creates a food source as hearty as your favorite holiday meal for soil microbial communities, and other beneficial soil organisms like earthworms and fungi.

Huma Prill is made of ultra-dry, uniform, spherical granules that can be combined with any fertilizer, including urea, and are easy to handle and apply evenly. The ultra-dry granules mean Huma Prill is cleaner and easier to handle than softer alternatives—plus, the hard granules are resistant to breakage during handling.

The best results from Huma Prill come from application concentrated in the active root zone or directly to the soil, followed by shallow cultivation and moisture. Soil moisture is essential for maximum bioactivity, so if your soil is dry during application time, consider irrigation options to see the most benefits.

Huma Prill is suitable for nearly any crop and effortlessly blends with dry fertilizers for quick and easy application. Combine Huma Prill with any compatible plant growth regulators, pesticides or other granular fertilizers. Applications can be made as often as every 30 days, as needed, for field crops and tree or vine crops.

For soil banded or side dressed application to field crops, the general application rate is up to 75 lb/ac, and up to 150 lb/ac for soil broadcast incorporated application. Talk with your local BW-Fusion representative for crop-specific recommendations.