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BW-Huma Prill

BW-Huma Prill is a humic and fulvic acid-driven product that chemically binds to valuable minerals in the soil and holds them until crops are ready for the exchange process - increasing cation exchange capacity (CEC) and optimizing local soil fertility. We formulated this powerful soil enhancement product from naturally occurring, oxidized leonardite ore - a readily-soluble mineral that invigorates and restores soil productivity. By preserving soil minerals and preventing nutrient depletion, you create an abundant food source for soil microbial communities and other beneficial soil organisms like earthworms and fungi. BW-Huma Prill is suitable for nearly any crop and effortlessly blends with dry fertilizers for quick and easy application.

Soil-Specific Benefits:

  • Engineered for compatibility with any fertilizer
  • Uniform granules for easy handling and application
  • Breakup resistant, low moisture content, and minimal residue
  • Enhance water penetration in clay-heavy soils
  • Sustainable soil microbial activation

BW-Huma Prill readily mixes with any fertilizer, plant growth regulator, or pesticide and is an ideal solution for maintaining soil fertility for any crop.


10-20 lbs/acre


Fall Broadcast / Strip-Till Banded / Banded with Air Seeder at Planting / Pre-Plant Broadcast / Pre-Plant Incorporated / Top-Dress




BW-Huma Prill is a quick-release version of BW-1-3mm that is designed to add carbon and promote biology within the plant. BW-Huma Prill is best used before a soybean crop.
Coltin Schachtner
Coltin Schachtner
Agronomic Service Representative
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