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BW Seed Treatment

Introducing BW Seed Treatment, powered by Environoc – a cutting-edge technology that taps into the strength of diverse living organisms to supercharge your seed's early growth and ensure a top-notch stand. Picture it as a "pro-biotic" for your seeds, creating a vibrant environment for the budding seedling, resulting in instant health and vitality. BW Seed Treatment doesn't stop there; it's a game-changer for legume crops like soybeans, promoting nitrogen-producing nodules on their roots.

But wait, there's more – BW Seed Treatment includes special strains that work like iron magnets, boosting iron uptake and triggering nodulation right from the start. This leads to more nitrogen-rich colonies, enhancing early color and growth. And the awesomeness continues – BW Seed Treatment forms a lasting alliance with your plant's roots, delivering ongoing health benefits throughout the season, even after traditional crop protection fades away.


1.5-2.0 oz/50 lbs of seed


- Minimize the time it takes for seeds to germinate

- Improve germination success rates in warm, cold, or saturated soils


- Optimize soil cycling and nutrient release in your soil’s rhizosphere

- Enhance surfactant production for reduced surface tension

- Maximize micronutrient production


- Specialized degradation capabilities

- Pesticide and Herbicide Digestion

- Cellulose Digestion

- Lignin Digestion

- Polymeric Carbohydrate Digestion

- Wax & Oil Digestion


Environoc Seed Treatment adds Environoc 401's technology to your field if in-furrow capabilities are not available. It's also a great way to place the bacteria closest to the seed. This product is very popular on soybeans
Mason Claude
Mason Claude
Agronomy Research Lead
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