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Devin Baker

Agronomic Service Representative

As an Agronomic Service Representative, Devin Baker manages territory from the Mississippi River east to the Atlantic Ocean, uncovering knowledge in crop production to share with growers. He constantly finds himself analyzing plant growth, data presented through the Agronomy 365 program, and staying educated across a variety of agronomic topics to support customers’ yield goals. Currently, Devin is finishing up his bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics from Purdue University. As Devin’s professional agronomy journey is just beginning, he looks forward to connecting with growers across the nation, and providing them with the same impact that BW Fusion data and products have provided his family farm.

Devin first became familiar with the knowledge and industry-leading crop nutrition offerings of BW Fusion through product trials on his own family farm. As with most multi-generational family farms, Devin would join his father at various grower meetings, but it was those with Biodyne and BW Fusion representatives that he saw a difference in the amount of information they wanted to empower farmers with. That hit home for Devin. Since then, Devin’s family farm has been using Biodyne biologicals and BW Fusion crop nutrition products for nearly a decade, thanks to the consistent results in profitability, yield and plant health in their operation.

Knowing BW Fusion does things the right way and that the priority is about building relationships with growers and empowering them to optimize their fields’ fertility is really important to Devin. If he’s not out in the field talking and connecting with growers across the U.S., you can catch Devin cheering on Purdue’s basketball or football teams.

Catch more of Devin’s agronomic talk on Twitter. What agronomist isn’t on this app?!

I have found a passion for connecting with growers and having conversations with them, whether that be regarding their crops or just getting to know more about themselves as a person and their farming goals and how I can help make their goals a reality.

Team-wise, our team has more knowledge than you can even imagine! The best part of it all is that everyone here is focused on the same goal – helping farmers succeed.

Everything we do, we do it for the farmers. We are proud to be a family owned business backed by growers. We’re not here to sell products, although that is a part of it, being in business, our true focus is to make those lifelong relationships and help growers build the farming empire they’ve always wanted. We want to do what is best for our growers, and make sure that we are always doing business the right way. That’s what’s extremely important to me and what drives me to pursue a lifelong career path with this company.

We are going to be leaders in the field. As much time and effort we spend on research, validating and proving our own products, we’re going to be leading this section of the industry. We ensure that every batch we take off the production line is to our quality standards and settle for nothing less. We don’t want to see family farms dissolve over the years–we’re here to support farmers and help them become as efficient and profitable as they can be. If there is one thing I could tell every grower I talk to, it’s that they are not just another number to us, we value your relationship and you are part of our family.

  1. Environoc 401 & MeltDown - These products together are pretty remarkable. There are so many ways to put them to work in any operation, whether breaking down stalks, cleaning seedbeds or breaking down massive root balls–this combo is ready for the challenge.
  2. BW-Advance - This product promotes plant health and nutrition that is needed to push your crops to the max for the last 60 days of the growing season, and should be one every grower considers adding to their lineup.
  3. BW-Boron 7% - If you struggle with boron late in the season, you’ve got to get this product added to your lineup. Once applied, you’re able to see the uptake of boron throughout the rest of the growing season and help your crops become most efficient with their nutrients.

It really is a symbiotic relationship–BW Fusion went in knowing if their products didn’t perform like they said they would, we were going to find out from our soil and tissue analysis.