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Your One-Two Punch For The Fall

Meltdown Applied in Texas 2021


BW Meltdown breaks down crop stubble, transforming it into highly-nutritional resources for next season. It comes tank-mix ready for any type of crop residue. Applying this one product can help you:

  • Optimize soil health
  • Minimize field preparation
  • Reduce wear and tear on planting equipment
PHOTO 2022 06 20 22 21 43 37k with tillers on every plant


HumiCal provides your soil with much-needed calcium, which helps promote proper plant development, and cell wall formation. Ultimately, it provides the necessary strength for successful crops. Apply it this fall to help:

  • Improve nutrient uptake
  • Provide first season results
  • Increase yield and crop quality

Real People. Real Results.

Better Biology. Better Results.

The solution isn’t more fertilizer.

It’s better biology.

The BW Fusion family of products are backed by science, focusing on your soil at the microbial level.

That means eliminating the waste and providing your land with what it actually needs.

Farm smarter, not harder.

Increase profitability

Decrease waste

Mitigate stress

Push boundaries

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Your Soil. Your Data.

Agronomy 365 is a comprehensive crop management program. Instead of stumbling around in the dark, make data-driven decisions. You'll get:

  • Real-time tracking

  • Data monitoring

  • Soil and tissue management

Best of all, you won’t be alone. This program is powered by our team of agronomy experts.

Talk To Our Team
Sean Nettleton

Backed with a wide swath of knowledge, Sean brings passion for all things crop and soil health. His multi-faceted background ensures growers are using and understanding the products that will perform.

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Mason Claude

As Agronomy Research Lead, Mason brings a fresh perspective and passion for understanding the “why” behind BW Fusion product performance in the field and sharing that with our team and growers.

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BW Fusion Corn Field with Microbes
Download The Meltdown Brochure

Find out how independent research determined Meltdown generated an increased value of 64%.

*Tests conducted by an independent research firm show the soil analysis of two fields that had areas treated with Meltdown and areas that were not. Each sample was evaluated for levels of phosphorus and potassium. A monetary value was calculated for each sample based on the nutrients available.