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Your Field Needs Better, Not More

Farming is more than difficult. It’s almost impossible.

You’re up and working before the rest of America has rolled out of bed. And you’re still at it after everyone else has kicked up their feet.

That’s ok. Hard work can’t break you. But it’s far from the only challenge you face:

  • Legislation

  • Increasing prices

  • Decreasing soil quality

The reality is you work just as hard as farmers before you. But your field is crying out for help.

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The Future Of Crop Nutrition

Most AG companies offer the same solution. More products. More investments. More everything.

You know there’s a better way. We do, too.

That’s why BW Fusion is on a mission to educate growers like you with data-driven crop nutrition programs that maximize profitability.

We are making sure strong, healthy fields can be passed down from generation to generation.

Join us.

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Microbes In Your Soil

Reclaiming American soil starts with understanding the biology at play.

Your field is more than dirt. It’s an entire ecosystem.

As roots push through the soil, friction scraps off protective layers. That debris becomes a food source for billions of microbes such as fungi, bacteria, archaea, protozoa, and viruses.

These microorganisms are more than just your neighbors. In a way, they work for you. They’re part of a natural give and take process. The plants support the microbes and vice versa. The better the bond, the better results you’ll see all season long.

Microbes provide a multitude of benefits. They can increase:

  • Yield potential

  • Stress tolerance

  • Overall sustainability

  • Plant health and vigor

  • Germination speed and rate

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The Choice Is Yours

But harsh chemicals, eroding topsoil, and continuing to push fields to the limit are all taking a toll.

More fertilizer is just a band-aid.

What you need is a comprehensive approach that keeps biology at its core. That’s what BW Fusion provides. Our products are backed by science and data, not hope and hype.

Make your choice.

You can follow the same old path or blaze your own trail.

bw fusion Will Help You

increase profitability

We help you understand what your soil actually needs. That way, you can stop wasting money. Higher yields. Lower costs. That’s the recipe for ongoing profitability.

Embrace Education

We are not here to persuade you. Facts speak for themselves. We simply provide the education that allows you to make the best choices for your farm and your family.

eliminate guesswork

We partner with Agronomy 365, a comprehensive crop management program. In-season sampling provides the data you need to make the correct adjustments.

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Join The Future Of Crop Nutrition

Growers all over the country are experiencing efficiency and profitability like never before. Are you next?