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The Secret to Unlocking Hidden Yield Potential in Your Fields


We know BW-Meltdown is a residue-digesting machine, but did you know it actually does even more work behind the scenes?

From the 10 years of data we have supporting Meltdown, we’ve proven one of the secrets behind how Meltdown takes yields to another level.

The secret? Water extractable organic carbon.

WEOC drives the entire system and determines how efficient the soil is at releasing nutrients to the plant. WEOC is the food source for microbes. By providing microbes the fuel they need, they’ll provide crops with the nutrients they need in return.

But what is water extractable organic carbon, or WEOC?

WEOC is the broken down portions of carbon from organic matter in the soil. Microbes break down carbon into these smaller portions that are readily available for plant uptake.

BW-Meltdown is a pro at breaking down organic matter in a way that allows more carbon solubilization into the water-extractable organic form. This is especially important later in the season as the plant is trying to take up nutrients.

By solubilizing nutrients, we put them into a form that plants recognize as a food source. The microbial team in Meltdown is key for this nutrient solubilization—showing a 64% increase in nutrient value-per-acre in independent research studies.

See the proof for yourself. Check out these comparison photos of treated vs. untreated acres.

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The Perfect Pair

When you pair Meltdown with a product like BW-HumiCal, you can see an even bigger impact from the single pass through your field.

Combining HumiCal with Meltdown after harvest this fall gives your spring crops the nutrients they need to start the season strong now, rather than treating harmful deficiencies later.

HumiCal doesn’t just impact your calcium levels. This expert formulation helps improve nutrient uptake across the board, leading to increased yields and better crop quality. It starts working as soon as it’s applied, improving nitrogen efficiency when used in conjunction with liquid nitrogen.

With Meltdown eating away at crop stubble and HumiCal working alongside it to boost nutrient uptake, you’re headed in the right direction before next year’s growing season even begins. Just look at the results in these soybeans!

You can use Meltdown and HumiCal on any cropping scenario, with no additional additives or water. Just don’t use it with any sulfate-based micronutrients, Roundup or 24D-Amine.

If you want to learn more about how Meltdown and HumiCal can impact your operation, contact a BW Fusion agronomist today.

BW Fusion's innovative team of microbes breaks down crop residue naturally, which returns nutrients to soil faster and improves the health. With Meltdown you can start optimizing your farm for increased yield potential by reclaiming investment dollars!
Bodie Kitchel
Bodie Kitchel
National Director of Agronomy

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