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THE POWER OF ONE SEED: How a single seed can change the life of a farmer, a family, and a community


It all starts with a single seed. Planted and tended to, by the one that makes the world go round. The Farmer.

It is the farmers who work day in and day out to ensure that not only their families are fed, but the entire world as well. All of our lives are dependent on the leadership of a farmer, the decisions they make effect all of us directly. We are thankful that they work through the bad years just as hard as they do the good years, we know this is not an easy task. Farmers pour everything they've got into one seed, without this work we would not be where we are today. This video takes a look at the life-changing power of farming. One seed changes a farmer, their family, and their community. Thank a farmer for what they've done for you and the life that they create.