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Takeaways from the Farm Progress Show

Farm Progress Show

Agriculture's Showcase

Recently, many of our team members ventured to Boone, Iowa to attend the Farm Progress Show—a show where farmers and the companies that serve them come together to celebrate how far the industry has come and where we're going next.

Beyond the enjoyable tailgate talk with farmers around the country, here are our top five takeaways from the show.

1. Mobile technology continues to be an increasing trend.

We have more available at our fingertips now than ever before. New apps and technology that are accessible via smartphones are a must in this era of technology. A great example is the Agronomy 365 app. This app brings conversations like those had at the Farm Progress Show to the palm of your hands, and connects growers and agronomists like never before. Direct and free access to agronomic insights from industry experts and fellow growers is revolutionary, and we're proud to help lead the charge.

2. It’s more than equipment.

When thinking of the Farm Progress Show, demonstrations of new combine heads or the latest autonomous machinery come to mind--all of which are extremely neat-- but there are so many companies that are making a big splash in agriculture beyond equipment. Businesses take this opportunity to showcase new products, explain current research projects and highlight innovation in new areas. At the show, you see just how diverse agriculture is.

3. Sustainability continues to be top of mind.

From conversations with farmers to messages shared by agricultural companies, sustainability is a key focal point as growers are challenged with producing a higher-yielding crop with fewer resources. As we walked through booths, we were filled with pride. We have not only thought about this topic for 30 years, but we have created new and improved crop nutrition that addresses this need. We create products that allow for less tillage across fields or fewer passes with the sprayer, practices that are more sustainable for the land and soil—and your pocket book. Our products allow you to see a bigger impact with less input costs. We are excited to continue to lead this sector of the industry.

4. Farmers are going back to the basics.

High inputs, supply chain shortages and the volatility of the market have all played a role in this transition. Like anything in life: farming, sports or school lessons, the basics are the foundation to be able to grow and develop, and having a strong foundation is what leads to success. This is where BW-Fusion shines. Our products focus on the foundation and the basics of crop nutrition with our diverse teams of microbes. You don’t need a new $700,000 piece of equipment to focus on and continue to build the foundation of your soil and crop health. We are on the cutting edge of not just the wants, but the needs of agriculture.

5. The future of agriculture is in good hands.

We saw many kids around the show—whether being pushed in a stroller, running over to eagerly climb in a tractor or proudly representing their local FFA chapter. Attending events like this remind us that youth have such strong passion for this industry. They want to learn and see everything agriculture has to offer, whether they plan to be on the production or business side of the industry. We are excited to watch these kids and their passions grow, as we all know how wonderful it is to be a part of agriculture.

Finally, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to all who contribute to the Farm Progress Show. Taking time to attend the show is time well spent. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, make plans now to experience the show in Decatur, Illinois in 2023 or back in Boone, Iowa in 2024.

As always, if these thoughts have sparked ideas or questions of your own, give us a shout. We would love to have a conversation.