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Take Your Yields to the MAX


Unlock the power of nature with BW-Biocast MAX, one of BW Fusion’s latest innovations. Biocast Max uses microbes specifically selected for their carbon cycling and nutrient solubilization capabilities to capture needed plant nutrients that exist within our atmosphere and our soils and convert them into readily available nutrients for plant uptake.

Biocast Max includes atmospheric nitrogen fixers and ammonifying microbes, as well as phosphorus solubilizers. This innovative technology revolutionizes carbon consumption and creates a foundation for long-term sustainability.

Biocast Max creates strong and vibrant crops from start to finish by unlocking the nutrients they need throughout the entire growing season. This product jumpstarts plant growth by providing vital nutrients, including an increased load of amino acids, and encouraging early-season nutrient solubilization.

This innovative product not only reduces reliance on commercial fertilizer, but is also extremely environmentally friendly. By using what exists within our environment today, Biocast Max is estimated to reduce commercial nitrogen application by 15 pounds and phosphorus application by 35 pounds.

But that’s not all. In addition to decreasing your input needs, Biocast Max increases your output, with an approximate 2-5% yield advantage.

Biocast MAX

See what Sean Nettleton, BW Fusion Regional Sales Agronomist & Sales Manager has to say about this product: “BW-Biocast Max is our newest Environoc 401 and 501 technology combined with an organic complex that provides a great foliar and soil-applied biological solution.”

Plus, Biocast Max pairs well with Full Sun, keeping the nutrient uptake flowing and doubling up on the benefits.

Full Sun helps your crops make the most of the sunlight they receive every day, maximizing photosynthesis and enhancing nutrient flow. Full Sun’s enhanced zinc and magnesium paired with Biocast Max’s amino acids and nutrient solubilization capabilities create the ultimate synergy to turn your plants into nutrient powerhouses.


  • Reduces plant stress

  • Solubilizes phosphorus

  • Provides plant protein hydrolysates

  • Turns carbon into food source

  • Conditions and boosts soil

  • Energizes roots

  • Signals plant for increased nutrient uptake

  • Extends nutrient delivery


Guaranteed Analysis: 2-0-0

Suggested Crops: Corn, Soybean, Wheat, Cotton

Application: Water quality/pH: 6.2-6.5 final solution. 5-20 GPA dependent on tank mix partners.

Rate: 32 oz. per acre

Timing: Foliar or Broadcast


  • Do not mix with Gramoxone

  • Can mix with Full Sun (32 oz), AmiNo, and PDP

  • Jar test

  • Add Biocast Max last. Just in time mixing

Product Tips:

  • Fits well with a herbicide pass in-season
  • Target application before crop canopy closure to ensure soil and foliar contact


  • Enhanced stress mitigation

  • Plant health improvement

  • More robust plant

  • Increased root development