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Got Calcium?


We’ve all grown up hearing how calcium makes our bones strong and seeing “Got Milk?” plastered along school and grocery store walls. Just like we need calcium to develop strong, healthy bodies, crops need calcium to develop strong, healthy plants.

Calcium helps promote proper plant development and aids in cell wall formation—providing the strength your crops need to thrive. If these basic plant functions are not supported, you’re not likely to have a successful crop. BW-HumiCal provides calcium where you need it, when you need it.

BW-HumiCal is a supplement that provides a soluble calcium source for plants, which is essential for disease resistance and stress tolerance. Plus, it aids in soil porosity and adds oxygen to the soil profile, benefitting root growth and soil microbes.

Each grower and each field has unique needs. The flexibility of our products reflects that. BW-HumiCal can be applied preplant, at planting or in season with coulter and/or Y-drop applications. Pairing this product with BW-Meltdown after harvest this fall gives your spring crops the calcium they need to start the season strong now, rather than treating harmful deficiencies later.

BW-HumiCal doesn’t just impact your calcium levels. This expert formulation helps improve nutrient uptake across the board, leading to increased yields and better crop quality. It starts working as soon as it’s applied, improving nitrogen efficiency when used in conjunction with liquid nitrogen.

You can use BW-HumiCal on any cropping scenario, with no additional additives or water. Just don’t use it with any sulfate-based micronutrients, Roundup or 24D-Amine.

Even with early application, you won’t have to wait long to see results. BW-HumiCal will show you the proof in its first season. You won’t need to spend the next two years worrying if your investment will pay off. (Spoiler alert: it will.)

The hype is real—and for good reason. Check out what we’re seeing in the field from BW-HumiCal, and notice just how well it pairs with the rest of our BW-Fusion lineup.

Got questions? Let’s talk about how added calcium can help your crops. Plus, sign up for our e-newsletter for more to come on the importance of calcium and the BW Difference.