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BW Fusion Announces Partnership with Global Water Solutions


FORT WAYNE, IND. – BW Fusion, an innovator in the agricultural industry focused on soil and crop fertility and nutrition, announced today a partnership with Global Water Solutions (GWS). As leaders in their respective industries, the strategic partnership between BW Fusion and Global Water Solutions will launch a new product Resin RX, a water softener cleaning solution, direct to consumers through top retailers including Amazon,, and national water distributors.

Resin RX Partner

Gil Farley, owner of BW Fusion, said GWS is a trusted, respected world leader in the water business and their products are top-notch.

“Through this strategic partnership, we can introduce BW Fusion’s innovation and technology to a new industry. This partnership allows us to diversify our business and lend our experience, expertise, and supplies to provide chemical solutions that will help maintain their equipment and impact the lives of customers worldwide,” said Farley.

Resin RX is based on BW Fusion’s science, technology, and innovation. For those with water softeners, individuals typically fill the water softener with salt, but that’s it. However, water softeners often require more maintenance to perform their best. Resin RX is a chemical cleaning solution that increases the effectiveness and performance of water softeners through a simple additive. Homeowners pour Resin RX into a water softener through the brine well for regular maintenance. The solution cleans the deposits left over from hard water inside the water softener, which regenerates the resin, restoring the water softener to perform its function and creating soft water.

Sean Natarajan, CEO & Managing Director of Global Water Solutions, said partnering with BW Fusion is an important and strategic business opportunity.

Global Water Solutions is one of the world's largest pressure tanks and water treatment products manufacturers and our products are available in over 100 countries worldwide. We aspire to be the leading solutions provider for accessing, processing, and delivering potable, clean water to improve lives. By partnering with BW Fusion, our Water Enhancement segment can advance our industry, serve our customers and enhance the performance and efficiency of our products,” said Sean Natarajan.

Resin RX is available on Amazon and is coming to retailers this summer.