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Answering Your Top Questions about BW Seed Treatment

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With planting right around the corner, it’s crunch time for treating your seed. We’re answering your top questions about BW Seed Treatment to help ensure you—and your seeds—are prepared for planting.

BW Seed Treatment has 90 days of guaranteed viability from application to planting. Through independent research studies, we’ve found that BW Seed Treatment continues to have viable microbes even 180 days after application, but for best results, we recommend sticking within the 90-day window.

Because BW Seed Treatment contains microbes in a water-based solution, this product can be a good carrier to mix with other treatments. Whether adding fungicides, insecticides or other growth promoters, BW Seed Treatment can become a part of that mix without adding excess volume to try to fit onto the seed.

We’re proud to share that even at the highest rate of application, BW Seed Treatment provides a positive ROI. Check out this image for a full breakdown of ROI.

In an independent trial by the Indiana Crop Improvement Association, BW Seed Treatment proved to cause a nearly 10% increase in germination in cold, wet conditions, along with noticeable increases in warm germination.

BW Seed Treatment microbes will live the entire season in conjunction with the plant roots.

No, you don’t need any additional inoculates. BW Seed Treatment is formulated with sinorhizobium, a next-generation rhizobium strain known for its nitrogen-fixing abilities. With the inoculate that's added, plus the ability to solubilize iron and have an increase in nodule formation, no additional innoculate is necessary.

BW Seed Treatment is packed with beneficial bacteria, including phosphate solubilizers, zinc solubilizers, potassium solubilizers, cellulose degraders and more. There are close to 30 unique microbial strains in BW Seed Treatment, each responsible for a specific function within the plant, such as stress mitigation, ethylene suppression, residue breakdown, feeding other microbes and more.

Additionally, the microbial blend is designed to contain species that work in varying O2 conditions. Whether your soils are as dry as the desert or bogged down with water, there are microbial strains that will still be working in your fields. The same applies to temperature—we’ve incorporated microbes from around the world to ensure our biology will be effective in any conditions.

If you plan an in-furrow application, we recommend applying Environoc 401 rather than BW Seed Treatment. Environoc 401 provides similar microbial blends with comparable benefits, but it is better suited for in-furrow applications than BW Seed Treatment.

Yes, BW Seed Treatment is an organic product that meets the standards of the Organic Materials Review Institute.

No. Because BW Seed Treatment is formulated with living microbes, unlike an herbicide or pesticide, there are no special licensing, mixing or agitation required.

Absolutely! In a trial comparing 26 biostimulants on wheat across seven states with 39 replications, BW Seed Treatment yielded an average of 79.6 bushels per acre—three bushels more than the average of other biostimulants.

To learn more about BW Seed Treatment, check out our full product breakdown.