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7 Reasons Meltdown Is The Ideal Crop Residue Solution

Crop Residue Solution

Crop residue.

It’s a problem you face each year. After putting in the countless hours needed to grow and harvest, your field looks like the aftermath of a frat party. All those stalks and stubble can lead to:

  • Extra field prep

  • Uneven planting

  • Poor seed placement

  • Equipment wear and tear

But the reality is your field isn’t littered with trash. It’s potential. That’s money and nutrition waiting to be grabbed.

Meltdown is a crop residue management solution that returns nutrients to your ground more quickly. It’s a collection of 100% naturally occurring microbes, nitrogen, and organic acids that improve soil health as well as increase yield potential.

Meltdown Increases Soil Nutrition

Meltdown helps by diversifying your soil makeup. This includes nutrients your field may be deficient in, such as potassium and phosphate. It also releases carbon, which improves overall health and performance.

Meltdown Pairs Well With Other Solutions

Meltdown provides residue decomposition and nutrition solubilization all on its own. But the benefits don’t have to end there. It also pairs well with other products, such as HumiCal.

Another common combination is Meltdown applied in the fall followed by BioCast in the spring. To learn more, watch this video case study from Cherokee County, IA.

Meltdown Is Easy To Apply

Meltdown is effective for all types of crop residue. It is tank mix ready for easy broadcast application with a recommended dosage of 32 ounces per acre. The application can take place in the fall after harvest or during spring.

Meltdown Provides Results You Can See

In addition to aerial photos from two different trials, Meltdown creates a difference you can see right in your own hands. For even more information, browse the Field Trails And Results guide.

Meltdown Applied in Texas 2021

Meltdown May Help Fight Diseases

Meltdown may also offer protection against diseases such as tar spot. Research has shown that tar spot may winter in corn stalk stubble. By breaking down that crop residue, you make it more difficult for the disease to return the next year.

Meltdown Is Supported By Independent Research

An independent research firm conducted tests on two fields. The soil analysis showed considerable increases in the amount of two key nutrients, phosphorus and potassium. A monetary value was then calculated, resulting in a nutrient value-per-acre increase of over 64%

Meltdown Provides Benefits For Next Season

Broken down crop residue essentially becomes your first fertilizer for the following year. But the advantages continue. Meltdown assists with better seed singulation. Instead of those infuriatingly imperfect rows, you can promote stand optimization. Hair-pinning is minimized in no-till operations.

If you have questions about Meltdown or any of our other products, contact us today.

Your One-Two Punch For The Fall

Now is the time to make sure next year is even better. Find what the combination of Meltdown and HumiCal could do for your field.