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Finally, a product that's dedicated and focused on soybean. You've been waiting for this!

The most important thing you can do for maximum yields and early season plant performance is to give it good soil. BW-Fusion is proud to announce SoyWORX, the first of its kind dedicated to Soybeans! Soy plants have a critical need for magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus from germination to the leaf stage. SoyWORX is the first to ensure maximum root structure that will produce a stacked plant with more lateral branching and work for you to be more efficient with your ROI.

SoYWORX Benefits:

- Increases root structure for a more vertical root with a thicker diameter.
- Promotes earlier nodulations.
- Trace nutrients support hormonal growth and early season sun capture.
- Ensures more lateral branching in a shorter, squattier plant.
- Improves your efficiency and farm's profitability.
- Multi-action carbon is specifically designed to cultivate the fungal network.

Easy to use, with no need for additional additives. SoyWORX is a true, complete starter for soybeans!


3 Gal/acre


In-Furrow/As You Plant

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