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PiKSi Dust

PiKSi Dust is a foliar fertilizer and food source that supports and optimizes the biology of the entire line of BW Fusion products. This biological elixir was designed to enhance plant vigor and reduce lodging by improving the cellular structure and stalk strength of every crop. PiKSi perfectly accompanies other starter and pop-up fertilizers, performing particularly well with soybeans, wheat, barley, and sugarcane crops. Potassium silicate fertilizers are known to significantly reduce biotic and abiotic plant stressors - and PiKSi Dust from BW Fusion is a top-tier choice for any grower.

Soil-Specific Benefits:

  • Reduce toxicity of excess manganese, iron, and aluminum in the soil
  • Increase phosphorus availability to plants

Crop-Specific Benefits:

  • Reduce the severity of powdery mildew
  • Increase chlorophyll content

BW Fusion PiKSi Dust is suitable for any crop - making it the perfect pairing for any BW Fusion product.


1.5 g/gallon of solution



I was able to secure 2nd place in the North Carolina Soybean Association Non-Irrigated Division with my new BW Fusion products.
Will cox beans
Will Cox
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