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BW-Biocast MAX

An innovative biostimulator that harnesses the revolutionary power of Biodyne's 501 and 401 microbial technology.

Biocast MAX features microbes specifically selected for their carbon cycling and nutrient solubilization capabilities, along with atmospheric nitrogen fixers and ammonifying microbes, as well as phosphorus solubilizers.

Biocast MAX is designed to capture needed plant nutrients that exist both within our atmosphere and our soils and convert them to readily available nutrients for plant uptake. Therefore, this innovative product not only reduces the reliance on commercial fertilizer but also is exceptionally environmentally friendly. By more efficiently and safely using what exists within our environment today, this product is estimated to reduce the commercial application of Nitrogen by 15 pounds and Phosphorus by 35 pounds while still yielding an approximate 2-5% yield increase.

Soil-Specific Benefits:

  • Biocast MAX revolutionizes carbon consumption, creating a foundation for long-term sustainability. By transforming high concentrations of CO2 into an edible resource, this innovative technology extends into the season to ensure crops get the nutrients they need to thrive.

Crop-Specific Benefits:

  • Ensures the success of your crops with nutrient solubilization earlier in the season - a crucial element for healthy and profitable yields.
  • Jumpstarts your plants' growth with a powerful punch of vital nutrients, including an increased load of amino acids, giving them the boost they need to reach their full potential.

BD-Biocast MAX is suitable for use on any crop and pairs perfectly with the rest of the Biodyne product lineup. For more information download the full product sheet below.


32 oz/acre


Foliar or Broadcast


Pre-Plant / Post-Emergence

What Are The Agronomists Saying?

BW-Biocast MAX is our newest Environoc 401 and 501 technology combined with an organic complex that provides a great foliar and soil-applied biological solution.
Sean Nettleton
Sean Nettleton
Regional Sales Agronomist & Sales Manager
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