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BW BioBoost - Soy

Presenting BW BioBoost™ Soy: the innovative planter box treatment system designed to transform seed performance dramatically. Utilizing a unique soy protein-based dust, our advanced formula is crafted to maximize the inherent potential of each seed, simultaneously reducing the wear on machinery. Our formulation is 100% renewable, ensuring it is safe for all users and establishing a new benchmark in eco-friendly farming practices.

At the core of our system is the Environoc® Seed Treatment microbial ensemble, ensuring that BW BioBoost™ Soy begins enhancing plant growth and health from the outset. This includes improved emergence and the reinforcement of plants with vital nutrients, such as amino acids.

Discover the unparalleled benefits of BW BioBoost™ Soy's proprietary blend of nutrients, designed to strengthen cell walls, alleviate stress, and enhance photosynthesis efficiency. Transform your planting process and experience early and optimal plant responses. With BW BioBoost™ Soy, you are stepping into the future of agriculture today.


  • Environmentally Safe Ingredients: This carcinogen—and insecticide-free solution minimizes health risks for farmers and the environment. It is PFR-proven and a direct replacement for Graphite and Talc.
  • The All-in-One Solution! This is the ultimate solution for maximizing nutrient transfer, boosting active carbon, improving water efficiency, enhancing photosynthesis, and minimizing stress.


0.5 oz./unit of seed (unit of Soybeans = 140K seeds)


Apply to seed at time of planting as a seed lubricant. (DO NOT add Graphite or Talc)


For Bulk Fill Planters: Apply one container of BioBoost™ onto the seeds in the pro box before transferring to the planter or seed tender. For Individual Seed Box per Row Planters: Add seeds to the box, sprinkle 0.5 oz. of BioBoost™ on top, and mix until evenly distributed.

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