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Jason Schley

President of Agronomy

Meet Jason Schley. In 2020, Jason and his agronomic team established sound soil and tissue testing technologies, more commonly known as Agronomy 365. Agronomy 365 empowers BW-Fusion growers to understand soil and plant data throughout the growing season to manage their field nutrition. The Agronomy 365 team helps growers agronomically understand the data they receive and empowers each grower to manage their fields. This has fueled Jason’s peer and grower-respected career in the field.

Having grown up in his family’s South Dakota row crop and livestock farming operation, Jason set out to impact the ag industry early on. While receiving a bachelor’s degree in agronomy from Lake Area Tech in South Dakota, Jason states that he has gained most of his knowledge through years of analyzing soil and tissue samples and studying field responses and plant structure.

In the early 2000s, Jason developed a crop consulting business working with a variety of crops, including corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, sugar beets, potatoes and even sunflowers, but he knew the greatest impact he could provide was real time, in-season fertility management.

Jason launched a new tool box of soil extraction methods and biological measurements which became a soil and tissue testing lab which now powers Agronomy 365. Today, that lab works in nearly every agriculture state in the U.S. and takes agronomic analysis beyond the standard reporting format to impact hundreds of top-producing farmers. Agronomy 365 helps the client understand their soil and tissue data more deeply. Jason and his Agronomy 365 Team, as well as the BW Fusion Agronomy Team, continually research and share what they are learning and seeing across growing stage data to help BW Fusion growers become more efficient with their fertilizer inputs.

If you can catch Jason in his spare time, he’s most likely watching the Detroit Lions with his wife, Jessie, and their four kids—they’re huge fans. When asked about his professional accomplishments Jason states that he is proud to have worked with growers who have won dozens of high yield contests nationwide.

Jason is not only well-educated in the field, but you can also catch him on Twitter talking about the most recent agronomic topics. Driving agricultural topics on Twitter is something Jason does best. In fact, he’s even established his very own “Ag Twitter,” more commonly known as the Agronomy 365 App. If you haven’t yet, check it out!

This agronomic expert has found himself featured on a variety of articles, podcasts and videos talking about the things he enjoys most - crop fertility. Here are a few of his featured pieces:

We are not relying on old information to bring us tomorrow’s industry insights and education. We are creating our own data to build our own destiny. By taking every chance we get, we’re able to notice our mistakes and learn from them as to what may be the best solution for growers today. Our businesses revolve around helping farmers become the most efficient with the available nutrients that are already in their fields. We have the desire to be honest and tell the real story of what is happening in farmers' fields across the nation, through our knowledge and ability to bring new products to the marketplace that are different from the majority of any other products that have been released in the past couple decades. The people at BW Fusion are great, and they truly care about farming efficiently. We don’t want to just sell products, but we want to truly understand the strengths and weaknesses of each of BW Fusion products and where they excel in each growers operation.

Everything we do, we do to help today’s growers. Seeing growers take in our recommendations and actually end up being some of the highest yield growers in the country is a major accomplishment, but we aren’t finished yet. We’re just getting started. We are looking to solve the root of the problem and deliver products that have been validated and proven to impact agricultural operations. Helping you be more efficient with your fertilizer dollars is one thing that is top of my mind. I enjoy seeing success with area growers and helping them accomplish their farming goals that were beyond their dreams.