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We understand that you might have questions about the Freedom Pass program, and we're here to help! If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us via email at or contact your BW Fusion Regional Business Manager.

  • Promotion dates: May 15-June 15. Must have all orders in by June 15 in order to qualify for 0%.

  • Participants will be invoiced by Freedom Financing by Honour Ag, with payment due on or before December 15
  • Honour Ag will perform a quick credit check required to determine eligibility.
    • Minimum order amount: $10,000+
    • Products included: Biocast Max, Full Sun, Amino, Relax Rx

To purchase products other than the 4 products in the Freedom Pass, will need to be placed in a separate order. Only the 4 products listed above are covered and available to purchase as part of the Freedom Pass.

There are 4 products eligible for purchase under the Freedom Pass. These include: Biocast Max, AmiNo, Full Sun and Relax Rx.

To purchase BW Fusion products outside of the above 4, a separate order must be placed and does not qualify for the Freedom Financing benefits.

BW Fusion is covering the interest payment for the borrowed amount.

You will only be responsible for paying the cost of goods used to purchase the 4 eligible products. All payments are due in full by December 15 to Honour Ag.

  • All Freedom Pass participant eligibility is determined by Honour Ag and subject to approval. Approval amount is determined based on the following customer information:

    Approval for up to $150,000 based on credit score
  • Approval for up to $500,000 based on credit score + tax return
  • $500,000+ requires credit score + tax return + bank statements

Freedom Pass is only available on orders placed May 15- June 15 after credit approval through Honour Ag.

No. The approved credit line can be used to purchase any of the 4 products included in the Freedom Pass program. This includes: Biocast Max, AmiNo, Full Sun and Relax Rx.

All BW Fusion dealers and growers are eligible to apply to participate in the Freedom Pass program.

Growers with a BW Fusion dealer who is not participating in the program can apply and if approved, the sales will run through the dealers account.

Growers without a BW Fusion dealer can apply and if approved, the sale will run through BW Fusion directly.

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