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BW-SeaAmino is a seaweed extract product enhanced with organic acids, amino acids, and other soil penetrating technologies to help crops mitigate and handle stress events. This product increases plant vigor and vitality by utilizing bioactive substances in the seaweed, ultimately improving nutrient uptake, root development, and crop quality. Combining these benefits with vital amino acids, BW-SeaAmino allows crops to immediately save energy and metabolize nutrients for optimal growth and production.

Soil-Specific Benefits:

  • Improve nitrogen content without the need for high nutrient fertilizers
  • Stimulate beneficial soil bacteria
  • Increase soil structure, aeration, and water retention

Crop-Specific Benefits:

  • Increase plant vigor and overall productivity
  • Strengthen plant cells
  • Improve disease resistance

BW-SeaAmino is best applied directly after a noticeable stress event - providing quick-recovery capabilities that limit harmful events.


16 oz/acre In-Furrow & 2x2 OR 32-40 oz/acre Broadcast & Foliar


In-Furrow / Foliar / Y-Drop


Any Time During the Growing Season

What Are The Agronomists Saying?

BW-SeaAmino is a blend of kelp and yuca extract. The amino acids provide the plant energy and will benefit crop health in stressful periods.
Mason Claude
Mason Claude
Agronomy Research Lead

BW-SeaAmino Pairs Well With

BW-Respite is a great product to use with BW-SeaAmino for addressing crop health in stressful environments.
Mason Claude
Mason Claude
Agronomy Research Lead
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